Ok, we set our hopes "way too high". But we can win, it's not out of reach.

Set our hopes way too high,
Living is in the way we die.
This verse is taken from the Living Daylights the Bond movie. Can you remember?
"Hey, driver, where are we going?
I swear my nerves are showing,
set my hopes up way too high,
Living's in the way we die..."
But this song, I'll dedicate to something british, even if I felt like this today. Precisely like this: hey, driver, where are we going, I swear my nerves are showing, set my hopes up way too high, living's in the way I die.

Maybe the illuminati killed, can you remember whom? Jorg Heider, the austrian right winger who, unlike LePen, managed to become Prime Minister of Austria, but he had Gaston Glock on his side. Or at least, so they said. I admire Glock, if he really did this. I'm no Gaston Glock and tougher guys than I are being fought against and put aside, if necessary even with a bullet (or a car accident) by the masonic part of the establishment. Personally I believe the illuminati don't really give a damn about me, but their power has become too "comprehensive". I wrote on this blog, their power is cannibalistic: they inglobe, incorporate powerful, skilled people until these ones become a part of them, it's cultural, political cannibalism.
I don't know what to say more. We are invaded by immigrants, we have been told we can't have children singing Christmas songs at school not to disturb the non-christians and still people are inhibited in voting Far Right. What do they want? Do they want the Caliphate? Maybe. And don't tell me the moderate muslims have nothing to do with the caliphate, and that's not real Islam, I think you can't tell prophet Mohammed "you're not a real muslim, bruv..." and anyway it is insane to take in so many immigrants of such a different culture, they already occupy half of Africa and basically half of Asia and we should keep Europe for us but no, the leftists want them to occupy Europe too so we can't say Merry Christmas and live our culture and people, the citizens with the right to vote, still make Marine Le Pen lose, even in the region of Calais. To win you need the guts, you can't stop only because some leftists call you a fascist, I mean, at least Heider was stopped like Lady Di. with a car incident, but where do we live?
I hope the Republicans of Sarkozy will behave like a right wing party, but if the Rothschild establishment let them win I'm afraid they won't shake it too much, maybe they won't shake it at all.
In Britain Cameron has dropped the request to cut the benefits for immigrants before four years stay and work in the UK, the EU said he had to apply this law also to the UK citizens, this means they think the EU is the state and the UK an effigies of the past. Which is monstruous, in the end the UK pays high bills and the other states take money and to pay and to take it's not the same. Maybe Cameron will get out of there. But there's something more obscure happening in the UK, something we must clearly talk about:
The establishment does not tackle the Islamic State; it tackles right wingers.
Tommy Robinson of the EDL cannot exit home that the bobbies or tommies the way they are called stop him from holding a speech before he starts, even arrest him before he talks while muslim hate preachers say what they like and the police does not dare and treat them like Tommy Robinson. In a Country where a cop cannot have the card of the nationalist party but in Cambridge Professors talk freely about post birth abortions as if it were normal and sharia courts run independently from the UK laws, like in Germany, where there are already Sharia patrols in the muslim quarters and the german court declared they are legal. The Guardian talks about Islamic State like it's something we must deal with, as if it were a real state, the masonic Bilderberg controlled BBC refuses to call terrorists the IS people not to offend them. What are we talking about?
Set our hopes up way too high or living is in the way we die.
Sometimes you understand the establishment by the comments it deletes, I would like to give a list of the deleted comments; even this one was deleted by the Telegraph.
There is something very wrong and that we don't know about the establishment, because yes, if a guy like Tommy Robinson breathes they stop him before he can talk, the muslims can incite violence, stop an anti-muslim ex muslim woman from keeping a speech against iranian Islam at university. So. The establishment wants the islamification of Europe, no matter if they sell themselves for christians, ex pastor daughter included, or jews or atheist leftards because also they the leftists are ridiculous: Islam is against women, in Germany there are Sharia "police officers" patrolling muslims quarters of the towns, muslims quarters that will enlarge the more and more with these millions of "refugees" that that b*** of Merkel wants to take and they do irritating, insultive rows about manspreading and sexim in western culture, but nothing about sharia police. They're kidding no one. Give me Trump and Le Pen always.
This is a copy and paste, the comment above was removed.
In Denmark it's different, probably in Denmark the establishment is different.
Italian lefty journalist who gives himself a certain air of importance wrote, dismissing Britain, that "Britain is periferic and isolationist" while Britain is the second net contributor to the EU and Italy I don't know at what position. But they lie, the leftists lie about everything.
The victory of Marine and Marion LePen is anyway realistic for the next elections, the Front National has become mainstream. Will they shoot them? Like Heider?
Hey, driver, where are we going?