Putin is acting cold. But does he know he's fighting against the Illuminati?

I like Putin's cold reaction to the provocations; he's the only one seriously interested in avoiding the Third World War, but the others, the turks, the americans are provoking him. They are trying to pull him into the third world war almost forcefully: they shoot his jet, they invade Iraq - the UN by luck seems to have stopped the Turks - it's like they are in a hurry, at the pentagon to start a big deadly war. And Putin acts cold. I admire  him a lot. God will see who tried to avoid the massacre and who's hurrying towards it.
Why do they want a big war against Russia? Why do they want the invasion of Europe by immigrants? This chaos is orchestrated and Putin is being provoked, so there are people who really want this: the end of Europe and the third world war. The way they wanted the end of Gaddafi. I wouldn't give them the head of Assad, there's no reason Assad should fall, what's impressive is the lack of logic of the western leaders, all but the danes, and they lack logic because they take orders by Rothschild who lacks logic because he takes orders by satanic priests in the vatican. They are very rich, they may be happy or at least sated with money, but rumours are that they are not the top of the pyramid, that the top of the pyramid is the satanists in Italy, dearest Italy, even the Frescobaldi an italian "catholic" "noble" family in Tuscany that produces wine, well they're accused of making black masses, having always some cardinals at disposal for it, with all participants naked and they call it the "angelic ball" in italian "Il ballo angelico". Angelic ball where they evoke demons and dance naked, these people call demons angels not to make people understand they are into satanism. They should be finally the head of the illuminati. I despise them. Because they are italian black nobles. The black nobles are merely the children of the prostitutes who went in bed with priests and cardinals or popes in the vatican and so the church invented noble titles for them. The are the marquise of nothing, their titles are just surnames, they took money from the church by their parents and put "Prince" "Marquis" etc. before their last name, Marchese Frescobaldi indeed. It's like I say I am Countess Distilo, Distilo is a surname is not a title, it's not like saying Prince of Wales or King of Denmark, or, to stay in Italy, Duke of Mantua, Mantua being a town the Duke of Mantua is a real Duke. It was a real Duke till it existed, now we've got these nobles of the bitches of their mothers who give themselves more airs than the "red ones". In Italy the red aristocracy used to be the real aristocracy, red being the color of the blood of the war, it's the warrior aristocracy, for example the Prince Albert of Monaco is red, his ancestor conquered Monaco didn't sleep with a fat cardinal to get some money in change and he's really the Prince of Monaco you may like it or not.
The Frescobaldi are everything that's wrong with italian history. Apart that they are only wine producers and wizards and this is the symbol of their wine:
Luce means light obviously. Here's other images

Their habit of corrupting people never seems to rest. When in Tuscany there was Lorenzo Maria De' Medici alias "Il Magnifico" they wanted to kill him, they organized a plot to assassinate the Magnifico who was Granduke of Tuscany, a real title, in a plot called La Congiura de' Pazzi, because the family of Pazzi had to bring about the assassination, but the Frescobaldi were found to be behind them and were excluded from keeping offices in the state I believe for one hundred years. Both the Pazzi and the Frescobaldi were bankers. People say Rothschild is related to them and takes orders, or the lesson, from them (???) . The habit of doing satanic rituals was also found out I believe in the year 1500 or around, because one of the participants to the angelic ball, where the bankers balled naked with all their guests, talked to the then pope who excommunicated them, unless the boss of the family went on foot to Rome put himself down on his knees in front of the pope  to ask forgiveness and best of all built 40 or 42 churches and kept them at his own expenses, which the Fescobaldi did. These people should be the head of the illuminati and are convinced to be jews while for some strange reason pretending to be catholic. We should have a third world war because of these crazy catholic jewish sexually filthy bankers and wine producers. Which I refuse. Like I refuse the gender and gay adoption, I only don't want gays to be bullied but this obedience to the gay lobby must end.
Worst of all in Italy, Italy is an interesting country after all, isn't it? There were rumours among the hard leftists that the real boss of the communist party was a tuscan aristocrat, and that he founded and protected the red brigades, the communist terrorists. I bet it's Frescobaldi again. In a villa in Tuscany they used to perform illegal abortions before it got legalized with a very aggressive campaign. Like now they're doing with the immigration policy and the supposed gay rights.
Now I want to be clear with you: these people are high masons and rumoured to be satanist, true satanists with relationships with satanist priests inside the vatican. Lord Victor Rothschild was accused formally to be...the head of the communists in the UK. Again Rothschild and tuscan aristocrats accused of being communists, protecting red terrorists inside their own villas, making strange balls and aborting babies.
But Putin, ex KGB, has got all the means to find out whether all this is true. And they want a war against him. But Putin can destroy them. I'm not sorry for them, I want them to lose, they are really wicked. I'm sorry for myself and the other european and american citizens who didn't want all this mess, not even gay weddings, we didn't vote them, in Finland they had voted "No" in a referendum and the parliament legalized them the same. because it's from them, from the orgies among cardinals and aristocrats and bankers that comes this obsession with gayness, with not being either a man or a woman, with sodomy and all the other "lefty" rights. Which Putin doesn't accept. I bet he'll win the war. The black nobles, sons of bitches they were and sons of bitches they remain.