Racism is a hugely overrated issue and people who criticize Trump which solution are they proposing?

I believe people talk about racism because they don't really know what to do to stop terrorism;
Let's be clear about it: 
Donald Trump is not the President of the USA, Obama is, and what is Obama doing against Terror? Nothing. His problem is racism and white guys with guns. Paris and Mollenbeck were full with illegal weapons and explosive, today Dallas is simply safer than Paris or Brussels or Naples. Because in Dallas, which is the kingdom of gun rights, there are not so many immigrants from muslims countries, in Paris and Brussels there are and in Naples there is camorra, the local mafia; Paris, Brussels and Naples are gun control areas.
And let me understand, why if a woman has got a metal clock or little jewel or metal belt, like I had, the metal detector at the airport rings, but there are wagons of illegal weapons, guns, kalashnikovs, explosive in the middle of Paris and Belgium and Italy for mafia and terrorists to do what they like and nothing rings. I am fed up with the good useless ones, I cannot bring toothpaste from Venice to Rome by flight because I was told the toothpaste, or the shampoo, may kill the pilot -how? btw- but all these illegal guns are not detected anywhere. A common honest citizen cannot have a handgun, but terrorists and mafia men have plenty of illegal war machines. So, tell me why should I believe they, the good ones like Cameron, Hollande or Obama are really intentioned to fight terror. They are actually doing nothing but teasing us with utterly out of place cheap speeches not against terror, but against racism, which means not against the muslims, because according to them Islam is peaceful etc. but against us white christians and I am fed up. The good ones are governing us after all, Trump has no power, Obama, Cameron, Renzi have power, they are Prime Ministers and Presidents, so please, you "good ones" who criticize Trump, show your values, do something.
But they don't, and do you know why? Because it's true that uncontrolled immigration is dangerous and that the muslims terrorists are muslims and they don't kill with toothpastes. It is true that the police is acting mean, that they control common citizens but let go entire charges of illegal weapons, like they do with cocaine and heroine, come on.
If they go on like this, if people don't vote Farage it's because they'll vote BNP and they'll be right. Now, stop teasing me or I kill you with a toothpaste. Trump is not guilty of this mess which is going on, he did a proposal and maybe that proposal may work, but remember that he's not in power so don't you try to put it on him, the people who are in power are showing they are assholes. I understand one warning about racism, but not this talking about racism instead of talking about terrorism and the dogmatic, stupid, unacceptable defence of the muslims first of all. The real problem is not racism and the real problem is not white christian bringing toothpaste from home, it's getting nauseating, there are two real problems and a false one:
  1. Terrorism of islamic matrix.
  2. Corruption inside the state that doesn't block illegal weapons trade - just like they don't stop drugs -
  3. I might add racism in third place, but no one is really accusing the pakistani-british BBC journalists of being Al Qaeda, even if, strangely, the BBC doesn't want to call ISIS fighters terrorists, not to offend them, so what are we really talking about?
You have the power. You think you're better than Trump? Do something better than him instead of criticizing him, because Trump is not the one who made Paris blow up and he's not the one who booed the minute of silence for the victims of Paris and he's not the one who doesn't want to call terrorists the ISIS fighters and he's not the one who's going to kill someone with a toothpaste. I am going to vote right wing. I'd vote Trump if I were american and BNP if I were a Briton. Because I'm sick, and when I'm sick it's worse than when I'm angry.
Even the Pakistani State is behaving more seriously than the european states and the USA, with Italy, Greece and Germany leading the mess, the european countries tried to "repatriate" to Pakistan illegal immigrants who weren't really pakistani, well, the Pakistan State took the real pakistani citizens back and refused to take the ones who weren't really pakistani or had fake documents. They acted seriously, unlike the european states and the USA that are acting like uncivilized countries only because Soros/Rothschild backed no borders leftists cry "let me in, fascists". When BNP becomes first party in Britain, well, they can call fascist Adam Walker. And I swear I am being serious. Because they've never seen a  real fascist in their lives and the day comes that they'll see one. Stop this fucking mess, either the good ones make it stop or the bad ones will.