Rhodes must stay. And Ntkozo Owabe must f***k off. But the real enemy is the lefty marxist establishment that backs him.

When I see Ntkozo Owabe yes, I think I'm racist. He's a very unpleasant person, little, black, ridiculous almost in an Oxford's student suit. Scandalized? no. He's really little, mean and rather unpleasant. Other black men are fortunately much sexier and handsome like Cassius Clay, Tyson or Denzel Washington, but Ntkozo Owabe is just like the opposite of pleasant, you don't want to have him around really. But Lord Rothschild, our snake in the breast of Europe wants him to pull down Rhodes statue, so, kind of, we even have got to talk about this little guy. I already tell you that, just to confirm I am truthful, he said that all Oxford architecture is racist, this means he intends to pull down statues and buildings, he has in his opinion just begun with Rhodes.
He's a quota in an exclusive university, the bosses can give the Rhodes scholarships to whom they like so, this kind of students are picked up probably because they abide by the marxist agenda.
The boss is the problem. I give you the link to a DailyMail article where, if not the boss, the boss is Rothschild, at least there are names and faces of the "colonels" who are bringing about the attempted "Rhodescide" they're all pedigree marxists with experience inside the Labour Party and the lefty elite
"The Provost (the equivalent of a chief executive) is Moira Wallace OBE. A former civil servant who worked in Downing Street under John Major, she became a protegee of Tony Blair who appointed her to lead his Social Exclusion Unit, a high-profile but often controversial think-tank set up to help the poor and disenfranchised.
During a stint as Director of Police and Counter-terrorism at the Home Office, Ms Wallace was regarded as a close ally of the then Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair (whose time in the post was dogged by questions about his judgment and politically correct style of policing).
She then became Permanent Secretary — the most senior civil servant — at the Department for Energy and Climate Change. However, she left in 2012 after reportedly clashing with coalition ministers over (among other things) attempts to rein in public spending on green energy subsidies.
She received a pay-off of more than £470,000 in public funds.
Because of Oriel’s refusal to discuss the Cecil Rhodes controversy, it’s impossible to say what role she may have played in it. However, it is hard to believe the college’s stance does not have her approval."
I rarely do long copy and paste, but I want to make clear that we are fighting against the lefty marxist establishment that hides behind these students and that has the Rothschild banking to prop them and this is why this establishment is unfortunately strong.
To go back to Owabe, he said this is an atonement for the imperial past of Britain. Atonement is a catholic concept, not widely accepted anyway, applied by the marxists, who usually despise the real catholic doctrine, always to convince the others to self damage. Which gives way to the theory that the marxists, who at a banking level are almost all jews, meet with the jesuits at the so called "illuminati level". I talked about it in other articles, but now I want to focus on this peculiar case. First let's see the real meaning of atonement in real catholicism:
Atonement is always personal, not imposed to the others, and it is done, for example fastening bread and water on friday, after repenting for a sin to purify the soul from the spiritual consequences of the sin. It can be done also to atone other people's sins to save them or to induce God not to punish them, the Saint usually makes atonement for himself and also for the others who don't do it. In fact he's a Saint. In Christianity it is stated that one will go to hell for his own sins, not for the sins of the fathers. This means that modern germans won't be punished for Hitler's faults, Jesus Christ stated clearly and uncompromisingly that everyone will be judged for his own sins not for the sins of the fathers. So, it is untrue that modern day Britons have to atone for Cecil Rhodes' sins. This, according to Christianity.
What's the use of the concept of atonement by marxist jews and their followers? They merely use it to convince christians self inflict damages to their own society and themselves and pay: pay Israel, pay the jews, pay the black, the ethnic minorities, the descendants of the colonized etc. It is wrong and it doesn't save your soul since Jesus Christ said, probably to help us 'cause He knew everything, no, you won't go to hell for Rhodes's sins, if you go to hell it'll be only for your personal sins. You can check in the Evangel. So, all this supposed atonement for Rhodes' sins doesn't save your soul.
Imperialism really doesn't need to be justified. People who win a war and take control of a land they rule that land on the base that have won the war. They haven't got to say sorry for having won. The winner rules, it's like a law of physics and the descendants of the losers they haven't got any right to any compensation for their fathers to have lost the war. In the Old Testament God makes win the better, not the worst, to win a war is a benediction from God, not a sign of being evil, and to lose is a punishment for the sins. The ancient romans thought they had the right to impose taxes on the people they defeated to compensate their own losses during the battles. The concept that if you lose a war the descendants of the winners owe you something is twisted and marxist and was invented by the jews, Rothschild again, to finance Israel a state that's extreme right wing and receives scandalous amounts of money by the other states "because there was the holocaust" now the marxists are trying to impose to us westerners to pay this victims-tax to all the non white ethnicities. I'd rather stop paying them.