The conspiracy is partially israeli partially "native european". Impossible that the french police didn't know what Rothschild and Katz knew.

Reading back my previous post about the connection of Rita Katz and Baron Rothschild to the Bataclan shootings, I have to admit that it is too easy, too ingenuous to think that Baron Rothschild, Eric, knew about the shootings and the french police didn't.
Let's examine the information we've got. That the jewish community was informed on friday morning that the attack were imminent and in fact they happened on friday night is a news given in english by the Time of Israel, which means it is not a conspiracy theory by an antisemitic author.The french police knew like me and you that Baron Rothschild had informed in advance the very same day his community. Why didn't the french police interrogate him and ask him "Dear baron, how did you know it and why didn't you give your information to us, police?"
Because they knew it too. It's a nightmare that looks like a state massacre to impose the police state and be able to track everything of our lives. All this tracking and passing  through the metal detector while african and asian people are let in Europe unidentified.
The jewish, Mossad component of this monstruosity is important, but I'm afraid Baron Rothschild connects the Mossad with the Paris intelligence and the french intelligence is in the conspiracy too. They didn't interview Baron Rothschild because they knew already everything he knew, otherwise they should arrest him for not informing the police instead of informing only the jewish community. It's a conspiracy of some rich people against common citizens.