The "dumb bit***s" Israel and this war...

Really, at least Israel does its own interest, this means the israelis keep the eyes wide open and can reason. They are pitiless and liars, and feel nothing like the sense of guilt. Stay away as long as you can from them, if they could, they'd treat us like the palestinian girl forced to take the knife so they could accuse her of attempted stabbing. Terrible, but it is like this. Cold and unapologetic, a military sect that tries to look like a state.
But they are not dumb. The anglo-americans who go after them they are classified as dumb. Or better dumb bitches. They do it for a bit of money, while the israelis do it for the survival and Rothschild does it for the power. There's no power left for Cameron and Osborne, there are only jobs for them and a job is not power. I am more power seeking than they, they are "a bit of money and comfort seeking", money and comfort about to get lost because I told them: "You are embarking in a third world war against Russia".
The USA representatives have stated that they "can't believe" Erdogan's clan is trading ISIS oil, after seeing with their own eyes the tanks and the come and go from Turkey.
Jesus Christ... The USA are slaves of Israel and the UK too. Rothschild is the founder and father of Israel and uses its power to move american and british dumb whores to do his clan's interests, I noticed it, David Icke notices it, everybody can see it, but Cameron and Hilary Benn and the bitches.
I hope Jesus will consider the british and the europeans who didn't want this. Nicola Sturgeon, Corbyn, Icke etc. I am lucky because this time Renzi, whom this time I have to thank, spared us from entering the snake pit, with USA and Turkey lying and blatantly helping islamist terrorists. Apropos do you know why we don't even know the real name of ISIS? Because ISIS has no real arab name, it's an english acronym. Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Hizbollah, Hamas are transcription with the latin alphabet of original arabic words, which is the real arabic name of ISIS? None, because it was created by the Israeli and the CIA directly in english.
ISIS: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
ISIL: Islamic State of Iraq and Levant - Levant is typical arab speaking as you can see.
IS: Islamic State.
Daesh is a word that sounds similar to an arabic word but the ISIS fighters say they don't like it and they are not called like that. They call themselves in english, english is probably the language they can speak best - after hebrew -.