The NewYorkTimes is another jewish newspaper that asks the americans to put down the guns while in Israel the Jews kill disarmed palestinians.

Now I say stop: enough is enough really. All the jewish american press ask always the americans and the europeans to do what in Israel they don't dare and ask the israelis to do: put down the guns.
I'm sick and tired of all these f****g jews cashing in the fact that people don't tell them in the face "you're a jew, tell Netanyahu" because there was what? The Holocaust? They are not israelis? It's immaterial, because they send a lot of money to Israel to keep up the state and they lobby madly for Israel. The New York Times is just another jewish newspaper owned by another ashkenazi/sephardis, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr, who plays the fag with other people's bottom. They are all jews the people who push the far left agenda, everywhere but in Israel, and if they did a conspiracy it's not my fault.
In Israel the jews kill on the street the disarmed palestinians and the same jews who are, or play, the leftists in Europe and the USA, Soros, Rothschild, Sulzberger self, they get tough right wingers when it is about Israel and no don't tell me it's not their fault if the israelis are bad, or even that they are "philo-palestinians" - this is laughable, look at where their money go not their words - because these people have got double nationalities and send a lot of money to this Rothschild founded state; they just suck money and power from our army, governments and institutions to channel them towards Israel through two major weapons: The official israeli lobby and freemasonry. The israeli lobby is for people who are jews while freemasonry is a sort of jewish lobby for goym who cannot join the israeli one, ok?
Don't give up the guns, this is what the jews do to disarmed people:GCResult
Tell me what can this child do to this "tough guy" of a soldier? oh yes, he's a potential terrorists.
We must tell something to all these ashkenazi/sephardis who really don't give a damn about us americans and europeans: we are not going to end up like the palestinians, you know. We don't want to be slaves of the state and before everything, tell your brothers israelis to disarm themselves because they are brutally murdering all the palestinians, children and girls included, after having taken away the guns and fuck off to Jerusalem, if you don't like Europe and America.
They, the marxist jews fight against christianity, try to impose ridiculous political correct rules to our universities, want to abolish Christmas, want the open doors to floods of immigrants, while their funded (with our money) Israel produces refugees, we must tell them yes, when Israel opens its own borders and gives up its own culture and its own guns. They are really horrible and everybody must start telling them the truth right in the face, because yes, they are really jews: or better they are what Jesus Christ called the Sinanogue of Satan.