Theresa May mustn't ban Trump, she must ban the ISIS apologists. Ok?

Theresa May banning Trump from entering the UK is a joke. I hope, because it's not Trump putting bombs around, raping girls and imposing the Sharia. The haters of Trump are all ISIS deniers or apologists, like Ntkozu Qwabe, Oxford student who wants to pull down Rhodes statue. It's untrue that the no-go zones don't exist, why didn't the cops investigate into Rotherham sex child abuse and gang raping? Because thanks to the high number of immigrants and lefty white who cry "wolf!" and for wolf they mean racism, the cops really were prevented from entering and investigating in those zones, there is here a dangerous swedification of society, where people who want to stop immigration to preserve the social tissue of the country are banned. And Sweden is the country of the great denial, the denial of the phenomenon of gang rape perpetrated by people of muslim background. The more immigrants from muslim countries you've got the more these communities become stronger, if an individual helps the police he/she must change home address or the neighbours assault them, but till these communities remain little the problem could be handled the bigger they become the more important and powerful. The muslim community is simply waiting and enlarging itself and yes, Trump is right, Theresa May is tentative and the signatories of the petition to ban him from the UK are wrong.