To Remove Rhodes Statue because you are no racist is like destroying Palmira's Temple because you are not pagan.

Oxford Lefty students are like the talebans who destroyed the big Buddhas Statues in Afghanistan because they were no buddhists, they were muslims or like ISIS fighters destroying Palmira's temples because they were no pagan, they were hard islamists again.
But people quarrelling "it's not about Islam" this time are right: it's about rudeness and ignorance. There are cultivated muslims, secularists who keep the archeologic sites in Northern Africa and in Asia, for example Gaddafi - and I hope also the actual libyan government - or the egyptian muslim/secularist ruling class and so on. While in Europe and the USA now we've got the lefty talebans, the ignorant, stupid, cheap "politically correct" people who want to remove all statues and signs of the past because, look, strangely it doesn't match their lefty contemporary culture.
And...are they kidding in Oxford that they want to let them do it?
No pacifist can remove the statue of Julius Caesar in Italy and no christian or islamist can destroy the temples of the pagan times, that's about studying and knowing and also about not judging people of the past with the criteria of a time, ours, the present, that wasn't their own and they didn't belong to.
Archeologists don't worship Isis and Osiris because they don't want to destroy their statues or icons, I mean, Cecil Rhodes built that building in Oxford at his own expenses and even set up a foundation for scholarship at his family's or trust's expenses and it's not only that, it's the danger for free speech and the right to study instead of being indoctrinated, if not in Oxford, where? In Italy we have very good universities that don't cost a quarter of the Oxford university fees and the University allows the students finding an independent accommodation not to force upon everyone the cost of the college boarding, but Oxford was deemed "upper level" studying, now I don't know whether this is actually true, whether this fame is deserved, it's not about walking in the Oxford's garden for three or four years it should be about studying and not being indoctrinated with cheap new dogmas. Lefty students are like islamists: it's not in the holy lefty Quran, wipe it, smash it, prohibit it. Pull the pagan Rhodes statue down, it's not lefty Islam! But the islamists, if nothing, they have the shameless braveness to say they do it to conquer territory to their strange God, while the leftists play the vulnerable victims. Why don't they send them in a psychiatric hospital to be cured, if they are so vulnerable they are handicapped, not fit for being ruling class, fit for a quota-job at the switchboard of a firm in the City, vulnerable people cannot rule. I'm a Right winger, you know.