I also don't like Islam, but still people refuse to say what's crystal clear: it's the marxist Jews under the control of "commander" Rothschild who are pulling into Europe and USA the other "fucking" minorities because they are a minority and they don't want to be alone. They said it plainly in the voice of jewish Harvard professor Igniatiev and Ms. Spectre, and they're not isolated, they are representatives of an
entire organization financed by Soros and Rothschild: "the Jews have to gather all the minorities against the white until the white culture cannot reproduce itself". Ok? And still you are scared of saying these two words: Rothschild and Jews or marxist jews. Say it, practice, come on:
Rothschild and the israeli lobby or the marxist jews. Say it again. Repeat it until you're comfortable because they are manipulative. I wouldn't mind about a couple of Jews if they weren't so determined to destroy my world. They push for open borders, speech control, opinion crime, and gay sex.
We must stop mass immigration, it's true, we must institutionalize christianity. But who's stopping us? The muslims? No. The jews.
The jews want us to see ourselves with their fucking jewish eyes: we are nothing good, we are the bad ones who did the holocaust, we are not the good ones who set them free from the holocaust, they decline to remind this particular, they make the list of the white ethnicities' "sins" because they envy us and hate us. And they are opening the doors to our -hopefully not to happen- destruction.
Rothschild is a jew? yes.
Soros is a jew? yes.
Igniatiev is a jew? yes.
Spectre is a jew? yes.
They're all jews the ones who want no guns, for us, in Israel the israelis can shoot disarmed citizens, and open borders and no whiteness around. And the more "up" the chain of command you go, the more concentration of jews you'll find until 100% at the top.
But the guilty ones are the anglo-saxon "protestants", they gave them Palestine, they bought them guns and weapons to make the war against the arabs and now they are paying the highest price for having allowed Rothschild all this power. Also the "Open Democracy" journalists are jews and the list of names is long. I also don't like the muslims but the jews are bringing them in and then, what will we do? another ethnical cleansing? It's important that right wing parties win all across Europe and Trump in the USA so we stop taking in more foreigners, repatriate the ones who haven't got the nationality yet or have come illegally. But to destroy the power of Rothschild we must change currency and don't let them control our finances. Hillary Clinton promises to step up the USA relationship with Israel, why? The candidates for the Presidency of the USA make tours in Jerusalem to tell directly there the jews what will they do for Israel if elected. Are they joking? Be bad if you have to. We must vote whatever party suits us, BNP, NPD, Lega whatever. Because we must get rid of these sectarians. We must look at ourselves with our own eyes, not with the jewish, minorities' eyes.
We mustn't bash our own ancestors, they were probably better than many people who criticize them and God knew whom he had to send to paradise and whom to hell. It's not Soros or the jews who can judge us.
No one must dare and think they can judge us, even less the israeli bankers, the jewish lobbyists and the muslims.
I give you our new motto for all western christians, white people and right wingers of all colours:

"No one can judge me, even less you."