Trying to Videocast

Well, this is an attempt to broadcast the news or to comment "live" the articles I find on internet, but the quality is very poor, I publish it only because I don't want to lose the work, I have to choose a small format 'cause it is in too low definition. Maybe I'll buy a better webcam for Christmas.
The News commented are:
  1. The decision of the danish government to seize the possessions of the asylum claimants to verify whether they're poor or not. In Denmark only poor people can claim benefits in fact and that's right.
  2. The new head of the Mossad: Yossi Cohen.
  3. French intellectual and swedish politician fined for telling the truth about the ties between immigration and crime rates.
  4. Erdogan is accused by turkish MP Erem Erdem to have sold chemical weapons to Al Qaeda/Al Nusra in Syria to put the blame on Assad.