Who said: it isn't Fascism this one. It's slightly worse.

Happy Nameday to all the people called Stefan, Steven, Stephany, Stephan etc.
Today is St. Steven's day, the first handsome martyr of christianity. The only saint to be reported to be "handsome". We don't know about Jesus, Peter, Paul, but Steven he must have been impressively handsome if it was worthy reporting.
I don't want to be a martyr. When are we, or better the state, going to stop intaking muslim immigrants?
The kind of State the EU is preparing for us is not like Fascism, someone noticed it: it's slightly worse.
Fascists killed, but didn't use rape as a form of punishment for "sl*ts" who don't abide the Sharia, they managed to have lovers, girlfriends and wives. To kill and beat for them was enough. They didn't pull down important palaces and statues, they built new ones, even architectonically worthy and quite original. They boasted masculinity, denied the existence of gay fascists or even gay italians, but Mussolini refused to prosecute homosexuals. Yes, what the EU and the leftists are doing is worse. And I'm not joking:
While claiming sex equality and even excessive gay rights they are at the very same moment opening the doors to the ISIS fighters and muslim immigrants who despise women and kill gays. While proclaiming they support women and gays in reality prohibit to the journalists to report the hate crimes against women and gays if the perpetrator is black or muslim. In Sweden muslim or black rapists are released with extremely light sentences and with motivations like  "they have no ID to prove they are not minors". And then? Is this big man supposed to be treated like an innocent 15 years old? It's disgusting. The journalists lie for fear of being sacked. The politicians who complain about the lack of security are reported as hate criminals. The leftists want to pull down statues of the past just like talibans in Afghanistan and this happens in Oxford.
It isn't Fascism, but it looks like it and with less taste for architecture and respect for historic statues.
Happy St. Steven.