Why don't they simply admit that "Far Right Wing" Parties are normal people?

Give a glance to this link, click on the photograph below:
It's an article on the express.co.uk where the Express tries to depict "far right wing" parties across Europe as a danger while they are the only solution to get out of the mess the leftists, the masons and the EU put our countries in.
Apart from the use on the term "far right", I don't quarrel anymore, I just remind to all the people who like to be honest that these parties propose as immigration law the same laws that in the eighties were approved and applied by the socialists, now you are "far right" not if you want to make a golpe and burn the jews, you are far-right basically if you are not a no-borders leftist.
Here we are: either leftist or "far right". In the eighties the socialists were far right wingers. Now we know it.
It's normal people and it's useless for the masonic press to try to pict them as Adolf Hitler. I believe we'll win the same, but I'm afraid we're running out of time. It's getting late. And there are no skinheads anymore. I expected some british right-wing students to go and engage in riots against the RhodesMustFall leftists, but nothing, the leftists are there the right wing students are nowhere to be found. Where are all these far-right-wingers? The skinheads who riot with the leftists are "far right" and I can't see them anywhere. Not even in Germany. If I know what far right is, in Europe is nowhere. Not for my criteria. But people today are delicate, they are vulnerable, there was that Bullingdon Club in Oxford and it's not defending the imperialist past on Britain or the honour of Cecil Rhodes, so what? It's a useless bunch of rich kids, they are useful to nothing and probably think only about the money already at twenty. The nationalists, I mean the EDL and BNP are excluded from Oxford and maybe don't identify with the posh Cecil Rhodes' legacy, they don't mix with rich people. No one is "far right" and if someone is, today is powerless or sleeping.
They don't riot, don't defend imperialism, don't get dirty.
now I tell you like this:
Far Right Wingers are violent.