You can't wait until they make it illegal to go riding in GlenEagles because it's not "diverse". Act soon.

I'm not joking, again.
They have already made it illegal to stay in the hall of St. Andrew University in Scotland, The UNI of Kate Middleton and Prince William, dressed in "countryside sports" clothing.
Next step they'll make it illegal to go to Gleneagles riding or shooting because "it's not diverse". Diverse from what? I mean. It's rich people who go riding and shooting, particularly up there, are they really going to wait for a struck of luck to help them?
When  I watched Downton Abbey I had the bad feeling that these aristocrats they can only wait for a good marriage so they can go on riding, shooting, living in luxury without doing nothing, as for sex, there's always the lovers. Was I too bad? They are making it illegal to be english, british and soon they'll try to make it illegal to be a westerner.
The people should organize to defend their culture, but the Tory Party seems powerless. What does it mean that "to see students dressed like they've been doing countryside sports hurts the feelings of the non countryside sportsmen and the Uni must be more diverse and ban the Wellington boots"??? When are they going to call the psychiatrist? No. They didn't call the psychiatrist they have prohibited the Wellington boots. They are not going to stop.
To call them "PC crowd" is too kind and does a favour to them, you must call them with their real name: Marxists who hate the West headed by Lord Rothschild and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, no matter if they pretend to belong to the western aristocracy, they lie, they hate it and it's they who pay and support all the marxist Professors who want to delete western history, marxist politicians and marxist journalists.
Victor Rothschild should have been arrested, but the Britons, the upper class ones, they respect only money: they saved him because he was too rich and now his descendants are destroying them and humiliating them in every possible way, and they do like Downton Aristocracy, as long as it brings a bit of wealth everything is ok, also the Church can go to hell. It's impressive. It's impressive because everybody knows it, but when they see him, Lord Jacob, they smile, they talk to him, like he's a normal guy, like he's in the crew and he ...f**ks them and they pretend not to understand not to displease him again. The way they did with Victor. The marxist professors who want to remove Cecil Rhodes' statue from Oriel College they all come from the Labour Party financed by Rothschild who financed also the Tory Party even if his favourite remains the Labour.
If you don't call your enemy by name you are helping him. If you pretend not to understand what he's doing you are helping him, if you don't tell him what you think about what he's doing when you see him you are helping him. And you are helping him destroy you. Rothschild and Soros put the money to push marxist anti-western culture, through Professors, journalists and politicians. At least, don't invite them for the shootings.