Don't laugh at the Swedes, if you're on the same wrong path...Correct yourself.

It's a war for the territory in which the invaded part is asked not to defend itself. It would be "absurd" if it weren't that the leaders of this invasion are israeli jews who give orders to the marxist jews who give orders to the Left.

By St. John Britain will be out. Of an increasing mess.

Which is the law that the Austrian would be breaking, Mr. Juncker? It’s Tsipras, Merkel and Renzi who are breaking a Treaty, the austrians are subjected to other people’s trickery.

Apple or FBI? Who's right in this war of controlling powers?

Iceland: Unemployment at 2%. Without EU. The real situation beyond the lies of the Europhiles.

Greece on fire and invaded and still Tsipras doesn’t want to exit the EU. Angela Merkel and Juncker take 1 million refugees from Turkey in “our” name without consulting other european leaders and so on…

Putin is a man of honour, and Lavrov too: they’ll never accept to betray Assad; they’re right and we must deal with it.

The very fact that Cameron talks about security problems for the UK if it leaves the EU means he’s got nothing for the negotiations: the EU is not the NATO and we know it, so what?

Greece is outside Schengen from today, Brenner passage between Italy and Austria shut down, while Iceland is outside the economic crisis (and outside the EU).

I hate RAI and BBC, we Right wingers mustn’t pay the tv licence fee because it’s entirely a politically lefty production.

Camille Paglia is right, the promotion of the gay and trans agenda is ending western culture. Don’t legalize anything connected with gay/trans agenda.

Mrs. Johnson, Marina Wheeler, is better than Boris, she should lead Brexit. Competent lawyer she knows deeply what’s wrong with the ECJ and now the EU mistakes are too many to let them go on.

Mark Rutte - Is he a hope for Europe? The young dutch Prime Minister seems very reasonable about the refugee/immigration crisis

Honestly I hold Tsipras, Frontex and co. totally responsible for the deads in the aegean and mediterranean sea. They are behaving like the mermaids.

Why I am so angry with Israel and why Brexit will make all these hardline no-borders calm down.

Russia maybe will bomb Israel and no one will cry for it: Israel is behind the refugee crisis.

The EU and the leftists deny the truth. Feminist says Cologne sex attacks "always happened" which is untrue. While Economists boost Brexit.

Rhodes will stay, Denmark, Sweden and Holland are doing right and Switzerland must be careful, very careful about the snakes it allowed in its breast.

The masons, the bankers and the lefty moralists; three reasons why it is better to exit the EU.