A Lesbian mustn't be in condition to tell her child he has no father and that mummy's lesbian lover is another parent.

I am totally against recognizing any legal status to lesbian and gay relationships. The money, they can give them to whom they like, but just as single private citizens. It's better not to legalize any form of gay relationship because the masonic judges would add the right to adoption with some tricks as lately they are disgracefully used to; they'd do like they did in America legalizing de facto against the people and without the vote gay marriages saying "it's in the Constitution" which isn't. I hope the italian judges won't do it, but it's better to lock children's interests against this gay lobby's egotism.
They, the gays want to tell a child he has no mother if the gays are males only because they don't like women, it's like saying: "I don't like women and you do without a mother and we'll say you don't need mummy or it'll be racism against me" same goes for lesbians: since they don't like men, children should do without dad and moreover endure the masculine lesbian acting the male part - which is frankly disgusting - after this bullying action they cry viciously over themselves for the "bad" racist. Don't give them any couple's rights and let them cry.
A Left that's filling Europe with rioting african and middle eastern thugs who are groping women, clashing with the police, attacking lorries, obviously they are enemies of ours they are not poor people to help, they are a foreign thugs' army to be defeated and expelled and the leftists on their side arrested for fomenting clandestine immigration and rioting, well the same Left under Soros and Rothschild that calls the rioters poor refugees is calling using children as objects to please the devastated egos of gays and lesbians "rights". Human rights, like telling the thugs they have a right to reach illegally Britain or to clash with french police.
It's the same people, the same leftists, the same bankers and financiers - Soros and Rothschild delendi sunt - the same scum that calls itself elite and makes pigs' parties in Davos, Nat Rothschild, Oleg Deripaska, Soros, Draghi, Blair and Co. they with the Queen Rania of Jordan that looks the more and more like a Velina Queen or the Queen of botox, they support the invasion of Europe and gay weddings, and toppling the statue of Cecil Rhodes. Say no to everything they want. You may be too big to fail, but not too big to blow up.
If the swiss elite police officers shot them, from Soros and Rothschild down, instead of defending them, they would do a favor to humanity. We must take over. For God's sake.