And Rothschild's Slaves go on: "It's not the Refugees, we're all rapists, black and white" Are you, Sir? Maybe you are, but talk for yourself.

The last is "we're all rapists, not just the muslims..." by an italian Phd candidate at the London school of Economics - Rothschild's entity, again-. Well, arrest him if he's a rapist, this is the last stand of the masonic left, it cannot be multiculturalism, we better say we are thugs rapists too so it's not racism at least. Take something to cool down, sir. Or go to jail with your own legs. The article is in italian and I link it here, it's more imbecile than dangerous. It's on the HuffingtonPost italian version, so it's basically all you need to know about it. The leftists are smelling their cultural end, they know we'll kick these migrants far away, they also know it's Islam that makes these thugs so unapologetically machistmuslim men did the same also in Egypt, they use this technic to block women's independence which is in fact blocked more or less in all muslim countries, where only very upper class privileged girls, and often not even they, can enjoy freedom, which in Europe and Canada/USA etc. used to be granted to all girls, rich and poor. Ok? It's Islam. The more you've got of it, the less widespread and given for granted women's freedom is. I was in Duesseldorf in 2003 - still dominantly white and christian, oh dear! - I can testify that we were free to go around even alone till midnight with the public transports and after midnight with the taxis. You didn't need to stay in a crowd with you friends and moreover you don't live together with all your friends, you may go out with friends who live in another part of the town so after you meet in a pub you may wish to leave before your friends or anyway need to split from them to reach your home or the place you are staying at. We knew this Islam-free Europe and it was near to perfect, this is why we are over-bored with the lefty defenders of a multiculturalism that has become a mask for a muslim invasion. That has already changed our lives, we have lost standard of living for the lefty obsession with calling middle eastern and african immigrants, even the new socialist/labourist wrong thing to give welfare state's handouts to any foreigner that comes as soon as they come so they even haven't got to work to live, if they had they may be tired at night and may think twice before moving to a Europe where to live you have to work etc. no, I believe seriously Blair, Brown etc. introduced the jobseekers' allowance and the asylum claimants' allowance -that means giving money to all immigrants before they work and to all asylum claimants even if they don't deserve the asylum- with the globalist purpose to move massively people from Africa and Asia to Europe or UK and not just selected workers or people with an active "working" attitude to life. Blair is wicked enough to have done it on purpose. Osborne tried to eliminate the tax credits to all people, Britons included, but his move was blocked by the House of Lords, now the globalists must face a more powerful Brexit issue thanks to this. And they deserve it.