And the Skinheads are Back. Thanks always to Angela Merkel.

It was a couple of years, maybe ten, that we didn't hear about skinheads anymore, did we? Now, thanks to Angela Merkel also the white wild boys are back, more entitled than ever, the way they have never felt: Germany basically belongs to them, I can say it, I saw them. I was in Germany three times for long study-holidays and twice I jumped into true original german skinheads, I can assure you you can get scared of them if you see them at fifteen/ twenty meters distance, you simply think you better go somewhere else. They look aggressive, unapologetic, young under thirty and hungrily looking for troubles. They emanate a feeling of aggressivity. Even if, taken one by one they act normally.
Usually society, the girlfriend told them to calm down, now society and the girlfriend tell them they are right "because the government betrayed us". On the Daily Mail online the moderated comments are all or almost all apologetic of the skinheads, this means what wasn't published is even more right wing. I can give you a shot, click on the image to enlarge and read
The problem is we all know not only what happened in Koeln, now we know that it happened in several other towns and that the mass media tried to do the shameful cover up, that is they are on the side of the rapists. Lately the mass media have changed tune and are revealing the mass deception that is: politicians of the Left sent papers to journalists and police officers telling them to downplay or not to talk about the crimes and assaults committed by the foreigners or muslims not to feed "islamophobia" a concept defined by Magdi Allam italian citizen with egyptian origins a "psycho-crime" psycho-crime that brought to the censorship of iranian atheist feminist that wanted to criticize Islam at London University, but not to the censorship of muslim integralists who preached sharia and hate towards the West to muslim students - then you wonder why are they so radicalized btw - in the same university. Moreover there is the swedish scandal, due to the continuous cover up for the last 20 years muslim boys felt free to rape because they weren't condemned openly by society and Sweden reached an infamous +1444% yes one thousand four hundred percent plus rapes in the last twenty years. Now the swedish police repented and said yes if we had given the exact news, that the muslim gangs did in Sweden what they were used to do in Afghanistan and Pakistan many of these girls wouldn't have been assaulted and raped, from now on we talk, it's not a duty  of ours to consider the political aspects - which means if people vote Right Wing after hearing the news and the lefty politicians lose votes it's not a problem of theirs (of the police officers')- . Same goes for Britain, now that it shut down everybody says "The BNP would save the little girls raped in Rotherham for years by the pakistani gangs". I may add that I want to defend the german police.
An italian author, always Blondet, stated: The main problem of the german police is not to look like the SS. Not only, I'm afraid also the main problem of the swedish police or the british Scotland Yard seems to have been this, not to seem racist, but it is unjustifiable to put in danger little girls and sacrifice them for this reason, the real problem is that the lefty powerful people managed to sack the police officers who entered the muslim communities to make enquiries, I saw a BBC interview to an english police officer where the mean lefty journalist accused the police officers of looking for muslim integralists inside the muslim communities and not for example among christian old ladies exiting the church on sunday morning and he was really like "I gotcha, racist!" as a matter of fact it's not the police that's full of cowards it's that the police officers who did their job were threatened of being sacked and the affiliation to the BNP was incredibly a reason why some police officers had to resign. The Left did help the rapists, now both press mass media and police are rebelling, revealing the truth and do not obey to the lefty power any longer, lefty power that's luckily disappearing in its lies. The skinheads are back, it would be high time for Angela Merkel, Renzi and Tsipras to do the interests of the europeans and not the interest of freemasonry or the skinheads, after the immigrants will go after the masons. And it won't be me to cry for them.