Conversation on Facebook: Is God Racist for not letting everybody in Paradise? And Jesus said: Don't throw Pearls to the Pigs.

At the EU they talk continuously about being inclusive, but even God doesn't take everyone in Paradise, even Jesus Christ, the Just, said "Don't throw pearls to the pigs" because the damned souls and the "pigs" would destroy paradise and don't deserve the pearls. This is real Christianity, not Bergoglio's christianity or Justin Welby's.
Some south african students allowed in Oxford are trying to destroy it, they want to pull down the statues, in South Africa they stained with dung some of the statues they had there, to touch dung for them is normal, and that's all you need to say about these people, I'm sorry, the other students, if they can, must stop them. I received a message on Facebook by such Arthur Carl Scott that called me racist for my article in defence of Cecil Rhodes statue on this website, now I want to give you a copy and paste of that message and my answer, just to make you understand.
"I read some of your racist shit on another blog ,,, it`s amazing how people like you note only slander other peoples and their culture but actually re-invent your own as well...You did not leave Europe to find the world undeveloped and full of canibals,,,you were the canibals that`s why you were so pre-occupied with canabalism... You were so backward you couldn`t get salt from the ocean,,,during the black plague which was caused by your own filthy dirt the asian and north african doctors told you to lance the boils,,,and you were so stupid you called them pagans and continued to play vampire ,,, bleeding people to death... The clitorectamy that you refer to isn`t and wasn`t practiced in south or central Africa but literally in the areas just south of Egypt,,,and it was done for health reasons to stop girls from masturbating in ares that had no water... They are currently unearthing a site,,,1 SITE ,,,in germany that has the bones of over 10,000 canibalised people in it... During the 1st crusade one of the towns conquered by the francs spent the next month watching WHITE,,, CHRISTIAN,,,SOLDIERS BBQ and devour the towns children while their parents watched... You left Europe with the intention of destroying anyone destroyable and that`s what you did,,,murdering literates and even scholars where-ever you went... The world quite simply stopped dead for 500 years from about 1200 A D to about 1700 A D ...You now show the absolute mess you`ve made of this planet as some sort of art object... You know deep down inside that you`ve committed a horrible crime against man and nature and try to cover it up saying mankind did this and that but it wasn`t mankind it was YOU EUROS!!! We the world are easily 500 years behind where we should be because of WHITE CHRISTIAN EUROPE !!! Western Europes first fortunes were made through the Slave trade,,,your gold is all stolen from Africans and Indians... We here in the Americas had to teach you how to farm and eat. Cecil Rohdes did not go to help,,,save or educate south africa he went there to help,,, save,,, and feed his country!!!,,,I suggest you read some of the comments he made about Africans and his and therefore Englands intentions,,,if you have any morals at all I`m sure you`ll find him quite a disgusting critter!!!"
 This is my answer
Well, the europeans shouldn't teach you anything then, and let you go on with your own native culture. I'm sure you wouldn't be able to bother anyone, Arthur Carl, I'm sorry for your children. As for pulling down statues I am against it, you are a taliban like person for justifying this, as for the clitorectamy done for health reason because women masturbated where there was no water, why didn't they cut the penis of the men who masturbated where there was no water? I don't want to have anything to do with people like you, stay in Africa or South America and don't go round ruining Oxford. I don't pay anything.
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The point is, I don't think we can all live together, if people want to pull down statues and look for justification for female genitals mutilation in the bad weather, why should I want to live with them?
I obviously don't want to mutilate boys but why there are people who still think they can take a knife and cut a woman's body? Why didn't he, this Arthur Carl, who lives in Brazil, condemn the FGM, saying: "it's horrible I know, every culture 's got skeletons in the past". No. They have to overcondemn the white europeans and then when it's the africans' fault they start looking for excuses. I don't like it, I simply don't want to share a students' house with them, I don't see the necessity of letting everybody in the West. I am sorry, not everybody likes western culture, but the european and north american territory should be kept for us to live as westerners, they want to take from our culture but then spit on it. Jesus Christ was right as usual "Don't throw pearls to pigs". Not everybody can enter Paradise.