EU collapse. Renzi: three billions to Erdogan? just a bribe. While Merkel gets sued for Treason.

Rarely I agree with Matteo Renzi, but the opposition to giving three billions euros to Receyp Tayyp Erdogan "to control immigration" is just right: it's like a big bribe. At this point we may give the money to Greece or we could also put an end to this farce of the refugee crisis and tell people who reach Kos, now they can stay in Kos or go back to Bodrun, end of. Erdogan is a mafia godfather who kills journalists and political opponents, sells ISIS oil, washes dirty money through Rothschild and doesn't want too many christians around, I feel disgust at the very idea of handling him three billions euros of our tax-money, and moreover to do what? To control Bodrun? It's offensive towards our morality and our intelligence and Juncker, the liar, knows it.
If Schengen collapsed and the euro will, because it will, it's people like Juncker's fault. They wanted the crisis, the chaos, to grab more power destroying the european middle class and impoverishing the white to please the black or the anti-white masons, no wonder the white middle class hate them and the middle class in Europe is the one that decides the election and if it gets angry can make a bloody revolution and get rid of him, Miss Mogherini and Merkel too.
In Germany the citizens and the judges have sued Angela Merkel for treason because to call limitless unidentified foreigners in the country is an attempt of eversion of the institutions and of the Republic and it is in fact, I hope she gets jailed and all freemasonry shamed and outlawed and the masons jailed too, God help the german judges: they really have done a secret treason against us european middle class and workers, everybody knows it. Lord Mandelson and Tony Blair before doing what they did in Britain de-criminalized Treason for this purpose, but in Germany the crime of treason is still there: God the Almighty make justice for us, not only the germans but all the europeans, britons included.