Gay Marriage mustn't be legalized and where it is legal it must be repealed, same goes for Gay Adoptions and the Gender.

In the photographs above people supporting natural family.
In Italy they are discussing whether they should legalize gay adoptions, gay weddings and are trying to introduce the gender anthropology at school, the opposition is strong, but the masons think they have in a pocket both Renzi and the judges. I don't know whether this is true, but let's see why this hasn't got to happen. This website is described briefly as positivist, western, christian and kabalarian, the main  reason why all gay culture and the gender are wrong is in the first word: positivist. Gay culture and the gender mean going after mental wanking instead of sticking to measurable data. Out of measurable data homosexuality is an illness and the gender dysphoria is a mental illness not a physical one. The body works well, it's in the mind the disturbance, the conviction to be "a woman trapped in the body of a man". The assertion that the body belongs to the person and if the person wants to mutilate it and inject hormones into it they are not doing it on your body they are doing it on their own, this is not true anymore, what the gender club, directly descendant from the worse freemasonry, the aztec one, wants to impose is the concept that we are not women or men genetically, but because of what we think, and they want to impose it early at the primary school or even at the asylum and start gender reassignment procedure to underage children who will have their physical health ruined before they are intellectually autonomous, this is harassment towards children, children must be taught that if they have the penis they are boys, if they have the vulva they are girls, the social construct of being a man or a woman is yet to come, they don't know it: a girl with short hair and trousers is a girls with short hair and trousers is not a boy, as for the refusal of the children of their own body is a ridiculous concept, for children their body is just a given data, for them it is just normal to be what they are.
Homosexuality is an illness because same sex doesn't bring to reproduction, also sterility is an illness, straight people are healthier and this is why they have a dominant position is society, the fact that other people are gay is not their fault, so they haven't got to pay for it. The only thing gays must be given is the right not to be bullied, the supposed right to marriage and adopt children is against the children's interests and an abuse, because it tries to impose to positivist people to state that homosexuality is a variety and not an illness, which is untrue, and that babies don't need a female mother which is untrue and also that kids don't need a male dad which is just the same untrue, what they ask to kids is to lie, what they really do is to put themselves in front of kids and to pilot the answer until the kid surrenders and gives them the answer they want. They know they do it, in Tavistock, but I don't want this shit in Italy and I also want that in the countries where this shit was legalized all the package of the gay/gender laws is repealed.
In the State of New York they are making it illegal to be positivists: you should deny reality and state that people with penis are "women" if they think so, this means asking people not to stick to materiality, but to go after the thoughts, not even your own, but the thoughts of another, who may be just lying, you'll never know. The State of New York is the kingdom evidently of the lefty freemasonry, of the marxist jews and a place where it is suspected the aztec upper class cult, described in The Silence of the Lambs, where there are upper class people worship the aztec transgender god, is also widespread. I thought Bruce Jenner was castrated, now I know from his wikipedia profile that Jenner is not even castrated. He wants to be called a woman arbitrary, keeping his own masculine genitals: this is the prohibition to be positivist and rely on genetics and material data. You have to say so, he's a woman, only because he says, wants so, it's a form of obedience, there's nothing objective, and if he were castrated he wouldn't be a woman anyway, he would be castrated.
The lack of objectivity is like the imposition of hinduism over aristotelic logic that requires, before saying if Jenner is a man or a woman to state in the premise what's a man or a woman.
If a man is a human being with the xy chromosome that develops testicles and penis then Caitlyn Marie Jenner is a man. Ok?
If a man is a human being that says to be a man or identifies as a man then Caitlyn Marie Jenner is not a man. But even this gender definition is not acceptable as a premise because in the definition there mustn't be the same word that has got to be defined. What's the difference? The measurability of the assertion, the fact that the DNA, the presence of the xy chromosome or eventually in a more primitive society the masculine genitals are measurable data, while the thoughts, the identification as a man, is an arbitrary assertion, not measurable and ever changing. Positivist people will always say "he's a man who fancies".
The absence of positivism and aristotelic logic in the new marxist ideology, that anyway has got nothing to do with the original Marx, so to be honest we have to find another name for them, would destroy  western civilization that's based on measurable data basically, to bring people at the level of animist and voodoo wizards where nothing is more real than demons and spirits. The so called magic primitive level. They'll end up adoring trees when they get convinced there's the spirit of a god in the tree. If they want to abandon western civilization they are free to do it, but they mustn't think they can bring us with them.
The Oxford students don't debate because they cannot use the aristotelic logic. The lefty students in campuses, the LGBT activists are metaphorically the shit of the Grand Orient of Freemasonry in universities. The Grand Orient is called like this because they, the masons want to substitute western culture with oriental animism, from primary school, where they want to tell children "You are not what you are, you are what you think you are" so if I imagine to have blue eyes, but my eyes are brown, I should be told by others I have blue eyes, because I identify with blue eyed people, obviously it's wrong, I'm a brown eyed woman, Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner is a man for the same reason, he's a man for the xy chromosome and the penis, he can identify with what he likes, but the measurable data is the one a positivist society must accept as true. Then if he wants to cross dress he's free to cross dress.
The assertion of the World Health Organization that homosexuality is a variety and not an illness is just an assertion without premise, there isn't any premise because the WHO is piloted by freemasonry that gives "dogmas" and in fact is accused of being manipulated by  high level masons, Knights of Malta and the Jesuits, who don't discuss with you, they discuss with one another in a sort of concilium, and then tell you who's the pope and what you have to believe as a result and if you don't they close you in a dungeon where you are tortured until you say you believe it. While the aristotelic logic is to be taught to everybody, so everybody can discuss and it is the base of Democracy, in fact it's got greek origins.
Sodomy is bad for the health of the body and it's wrong for this reason, lesbian sex requires a substitute of the masculine genitals and one of the two lesbians basically plays the man, the impression is of people who are not what their body are and if it is a dysphoria it is an illness the same, the fact that many priests or public school teachers are gays and chose to live in all boys clubs is probably the reason why there are so many in freemasonry where there are a lot of priests and intellectuals; they are affabulatory, think they can manipulate the others they are used to "teach" the others and no matter how much false importance they seem to give to the students, in reality, you can see they are only giving "dogmas" that in their opinion mustn't be discussed, they moreover prize the dumbest and most bootlickers among the students the ones who repeat what they say: "Rhodes must fall", "Gender not genitals". I might say they talk like hottentots. But that's racist, isn't that? It's enough if they don't add "yes, massa" when they meet the masonic superior.