Gay Weddings and Sunday Work, stop this as the Antichrist.

The NHS hasn't really got to make doctors work on sundays like they are common working days, it is sufficient to do shifts for the emergency, just like we can go shopping till saturday evening, we don't really need to stress the shop assistants and make them work on sunday, independently from the fact that they are churchgoers or not; I talked to a girl, young mother who wanted sunday off for staying with her husband and child and had to do without for a job in a shop. I didn't ask her if she went to church on sunday morning, she told me "it was better when sunday closure was obligatory". Yes, it was, shop assistants were stripped of a right while the owners were given the right to make them work in days that were meant for the family, other than for the worship of God.
My mother had an operation in a clinic, a small thing to the foot - even if she told me it was painful - and on sunday there were no surgery operations or visits that were not an emergency, the nurses had shifts, it was peaceful, no one died, because the emergency is one thing, the visits and the surgery operations that can be organized from a week to another or even monthly are something else and the doctors know it.
All these governments who do the cuts then want a 7/7 National Health Service. They treat the doctors or the shop assistants as if they were the cause of the crisis, as if people died for their fault and not for the excess of cuts.  The NHS in Britain is damaged by the high university fees, both for studying medicine (a luxury) and even for the simple course for becoming a nurse, then british patients don't understand the foreign doctors, maybe people die also for this reason not for the weekends as Hunt claims or at least they should find an agreement for sunday, being Jeremy Hunt reported to be a good christian. People cannot give away a fortune to study medicine to be treated like Hunt's inferiors, and reproached like lazy assassins for not wanting the sunday shift to become normal. Maybe they studied more than Hunt. I suggest strongly to keep only emergency shifts for sunday and revert to obligatory closure of the shops on the holy day, for families' sake if not for God's sake.
As for gay weddings I strongly hope Italy won't legalize them because they usually bring as a consequence gay adoption, in vitro fertilization abroad, children deprived of the father or of the mother and the gender anthropology that I totally reject is strengthened. I think they must be repealed where they are legal.
A good news is that the Anglican Church stood firm against gay weddings and benedictions of gay marriages, I am sorry for the homosexuals but all they want is to substitute themselves to the family one man-one woman-children, if it were only about the money they wouldn't need a marriage or a civil union, add that they want marriage but without divorce for adultery because among gays to have plurimous partners is normal, actually they want it for the children and this is unjust towards the child.