If I listen again to the word "compassion" I vomit.

This end of EU is too much without glory. Really, Europe won't end, it can't, but the EU with its Strasbourg High Court of Human Rights (80% fake) will not resist the impact with reality.
You know what it is? It's a marmalade gone bad, like pope Francis, something that should be sweet, in reality it is toxic, poisonous, like the use of the word "compassion" "compassionate" to justify law breaking, clandestine immigration, gay weddings, trans-agenda and we right-wingers are slowly turning dangerously in to far right "If I hear the word culture again I shoot" that was a nazi, I believe Goebbels, now I was reading the Daily Mail on line and an englishman who wanted to smuggle a 4 year old afghan girl into Britain, illegally, without informing or asking the french authorities wants not to be condemned for kidnapping and human smuggling out of "compassion" Compassion that will destroy Europe if some hard line men don't stop it, well, after this, I thought a sentence that's the title of this post: "If I listen again to the word 'compassion' I vomit" and I realize this is the brink, mentally from right wing into far right. In Finland ex good christian boys have already transformed themselves into Odin troops to get rid of the invaders, and that's far right. If only they kicked away the masons instead of concentrating on the immigrants they would do a favour to the entire system, it's the white masons, dominated by the jewish and the jesuitic component that's pulling the strings of all this, but the far right wingers, the skinheads, the Odin troops one foot already in hell, don't reason: they see the immigrants and they fight the immigrants, we intellectuals try to make them reason but you don't trust Odin's troops very much yourself.
The European Commission says we can handle all this immigrants, without naming the illegalities behind the smuggling because the commissioners are mason too, they, the EC people, are doing illegal things much more than the far right wingers, we are already beyond the rule of law, people who sit in the institutional bodies are masons, obey to freemasonry instead of obeying to the laws, they break the immigration laws and then accuse the right wingers: they deserved the far right reaction more than the refugees and immigrants they have called, tricked, induced and pushed into breaking the law. The worst part of this war is the treason. To exit the EU and to go back exclusively to the Geneva Convention of the Human Rights is basically a two-steps solution, the EU is totally under masonic control, more than the national states, give them a big blow. A deadly one. Enemies make me angry, traitors make me vomit, like their poisonous "compassion". The compassion of the devil for the poor rapists, the poor robbers, the poor Calais immigrants who refuse french accommodations because they want to go on living in the slums otherwise people have no "compassion" for them any longer and they cannot get to the UK illegally anymore. I cannot go to London too, you know. I also cannot live in London or Stockholm, I haven't got money enough and I don't want to steal british taxpayers' money, I mean I might stay in hotel for a weekend, but I can't stay there two or three weeks the way I could in the nineties, we middle class people have been expelled from London and Stockholm, you need to be a millionaire to rent a nice decent house, in the nineties, in the year 1995 I could stay in Holland Park, ok? I also was expelled, and many middle class english people complain about it too, but we don't want to steal from the welfare: all this compassion has transformed Europe into a third world country without nice accommodations for middle class people.
I also could go to Duesseldorf and Koeln without being raped and assaulted, at midnight. They have destroyed my Europe. I would like all right wingers to see clearly who's the real enemy and fight against it until it disappears. The clandestine immigrants are wrong, but they're not the head of the bull.
Maybe to indulge too much in gay and trans culture has really weakened the spirit of Europe. All the masonic/lefty agenda must be swept away.