I'm sick of the lies: there's no refugee crisis, it would be enough to leave these people in Kos.

Have a look at the map of Europe, even with google, there is Kos in front of Bodrun and then a lot of sea to reach even only Athens: there's no refugee crisis, the immigrants could be left in Kos and told, quite frankly, either we send you back to Bodrun or you can stay here in Kos until you change your mind, they are accompanied until Frankfurt or Wien at taxpayers' expenses instead and then the leftists tell us: "there's the refugees". This means only that the establishment want them and want also to smash down our society, entirely, the hooligans smashed only one bar, the leftists want to smash down all the West.europe
Now we also know how it is called the sex mob in arabic, the habit of harassing women who dare and go around in public places, it is apparently called taharrush, click on the link and watch the video, very well, the feminists, the powerful first woman chancellor, more powerful than her male ministers managed to bring this abominable thing in Koeln, I mean, what do we do if powerful women do this? What's basically the use of them? Send these people back where they come from.
A propos, this is what the muslim women think, they are worthy their own men, they don't understand that Germany works well thanks to the German and say that the German should disappear (from Germany) and that they are disgusting infowars article
As for the southern coast also Italy should stop picking up immigrants and splashing them in the middle of italian society with their trendy culture. I am sick, stop this, no wonder people like the hooligans. Why on earth the hooligans shouldn't smash a bar but the leftists can smash down an entire society?