ISIS Fighters or Foreign Fighters? The Mess some Western States did to remove Assad and why it must stop.

The most problematic news arrive from Syria. Roberto Fiore the fascist, said he had evidences by the syrian government that there are italians among the foreign fighters; not only. The iranian police captured an israeli colonel infiltrated among the ISIS fighters; not only. John MacCain has stopped american "ingenuous" pilots from bombing ISIS oil tanks; so the big question is, what the hell is going on in Syria?
Syria was unjustly accused of being a brutal regime and Assad was accused of having used chemical weapons against his own people, in reality the chemical weapons were used by the foreign fighters, the ones Obama and Cameron dared to call "moderate rebels" to help Assad's enemies accuse him of breaching the human rights.
Assad on his side has always complained that the supposed moderate rebels were mainly foreigners who received foreign aid against the legitimate syrian state and I believe him.
Reconstructing a bit of truth from all this mess it appears that in Syria are fighting foreign people, even italian christians and israeli jews under the masque of foreign fighters or islamists, their aim is either personal: they are mercenaries and since the "moderate rebels" received 500.000.000 dollars from the US State Department against Assad, like all mercenaries they went there for the money and this, as cruel as it seems, is the best case, in the worst case the italian state and the israeli state are fighting in Syria using agents infiltrated among the islamists or the foreign fighters to "move" the war in a way that may be "good" for them, controlling oil territory by the way or moving the war in a way that does not waste the oil production, in this case it's not vile mercenaries doing it, but states doing an illegal war on Syria to take the oil. Roberto Fiore was part of a delegation of European members of the Parliament in Syria because our states refused official contact with Assad's government using the excuse of the breach of human rights, while they shamelessly go about with the saudi wahabi arabians who really breach the human rights. Assad appears to be the good one the others want to smear to steal the oil on his territory. Please end this vulgar accusations and leave the syrian in peace.
Assad must stay where he is. He and his secular government are the only protection the syrian have against ISIS. ISIS that really rapes, tortures and is making a mess of an entire country.