Jewish charity takes money to send "refugees" to Europe and not even one to Israel.

Jews are very good at teaching christians how to help the poor and to take refugees otherwise they are "bad". But, they don't want any, not even one, refugee in Israel because Israel must remain a jewish state for the jews only that mustn't be outnumbered by the non jews and they take big money, from the donations for the poor, for themselves as a wage. You read: David Miliband. And you can read also George Soros, Carlo DeBenedetti, Edouard de Rothschild, Evelyn and Jacob etc.
Can't you see they are trying to trick us?
Give me one reason why David Miliband doesn't send refugees to Israel instead of teasing us continuously about taking millions of them. Give me one reason why I should give dollars to Miliband in supposed charity when
  1. He sends the refugees in my home and asks my own government to house them and feed with my tax-money and all this after taking $600,000 for his own personal wage, taken from the money for the poor, obviously. Moreover Israel is spared from the charity requests because the jews want israel to remain a state for jews only and they refuse anything that may allow other ethnicities to outnumber the jews or even form a strong community.
I am antisemitic and I don't care, only the idiots can not be such, because they don't understand what Israel, the various jewish lobbys and Freemasonry are doing. Freemasonry being a "jewish lobby" for non jews controlled by an elite of five or six jews with jews controlling that each lodge is abiding by the plan and not become independent. 
The big mask they wear is that freemasonry, Soros and Miliband pretend to be philo-palestinians. In reality they do not help the palestinians in practice, in practice they control that
  1. The Mossad agents found messing around with illegal actions in all countries of the West are released without being put on a trial.
  2. Israel is spared from any multicultural issue (because they want to keep it for themselves only).
  3. The other countries kill patriotism and lose a strong cultural identity. All this fighting against any right wing party that's not controlled by their agents.
This is it. Ed Miliband is an idiot. But David takes money from the donations for the poor refugees. Legally indeed, but it is disgusting the same.
Tell Miliband and Soros that before sending the refugees to us they must flood Israel with muslim refugees so Israel is not a jewish country anymore just like we shouldn't be christian nations anymore. If Israel doesn't take muslim refugees and doesn't allow the palestinians co-govern Israel with them tell Soros and the lefty jews to fuck off. They disgust me more than the israelis, just a little bit more.