NGOs and Charity's workers behave as if they felt superior to the Law. Put them down under the Law again.

German MPs’ petition - to Angela Merkel Ed.note - calls for the border to be closed to asylum seekers “who wish to enter Germany illegally via a safe third country”. That's the point, these supposed refugees want to choose in which country to have asylum and if you don't give them they go on living as illegals, apparently they are not war refugees. They are breaking the immigration law and the asylum seeker's laws and boast about having the human right to do so. No, they haven't, it's the NGOs and "charity" workers, into quotation marks because in reality they are paid, who tell them to wait until they are given asylum in the UK or in the preferred country etc. Lately "charity" workers in Calais have insulted truck drivers impeded in their job by the immigrants who assault them to reach the UK illegally telling them "to change job".
This is the end of the rule of law really, who told that the hard leftists are exempt from the duty to respect the laws like anyone else? They feel that, if they help the poor, then they are somehow "buying" the right to break the laws, they feel superior to the other citizens and even insult the workers. Obviously, if I give ten pounds to the poor I'm just giving ten pounds to the poor, I'm not buying the right to break the law without going to jail. The european citizens are fed up, the black citizens who complain about the lack of order and respect are called self-haters or house-niggers, the white nazi, the jews immoral because they were also war refugee during WWII, but all these citizens are one more right than the other, the politicians behave like slaves of the NGOs that are paid and supported by jewish billionaire George Soros and behave in a bully way, if a Rabbi, like the italian chief of the jewish community of Rome Riccardo DiSegni, complains about the lack of security and the lack of integration, he is criticized like he's egoist - he thinks only about himself and his small community -, same goes for the regular immigrants and the european citizens of asian and african descents, they kind of "cannot" disagree with the disgraceful open door policy that in reality doesn't make any sense in any respect, it's like we are hostage of the hard left and it's about time to break free: these people, this jungle cannot stay here and the NGOs and marxist charity workers must respect the law like anyone else, like me and you and the truck drivers.
The far right wingers are exasperated because the hard leftists are not punished if they riot, but they are treated differently by the cops - even if the cops are right wing too so I think they treat them softly or at least I am convinced so -. The European Union has damaged the farmers with the russian embargo, now it's damaging the truck drivers and the commerce with the stupid unforgivable attitude of treating Calais immigrants as sort of untouchable "because they are poor". In the Bible there is written clearly that it is a sin to privilege the rich and powerful in judgement, but it is a sin also to privilege "to favour" the poor. This means justice is justice, the poor can ask for help, but has no licence to break the law, these boys in Calais don't want to work as waiters, or truck drivers, they give me the impression of being on the wrong path all the way, the german MPs are right, who doesn't fit for the asylum must be repatriated and if they simply didn't bring them from Kos to Athens they would do a favour to humanity: the refugees must be identified in Turkey and Tunisia and the little mafia of the lefty NGOs and charities must be punished, "in England, if you say you do it for charity you can get away with basically anything" Dan Hodges once said, but this must end, we cannot give up the rule of law for the marxists no-borders, the border can be removed, but it must be done legally, per referendum and the referendum must be done in the two bordering countries and won in both of them: it cannot be removed so de facto because Soros and his minions say so, like this, the EU won't get anywhere and people will rightly go back to their nations that work certainly more seriously.
The hard leftists make me sick, if the law can be broken by them, then it can be broken also by the others they are no one superior, if God will send them to Paradise because they helped the poor, taking the wage from themselves from the offers btw, it's God's prerogative, but here they must abide by the law like anyone else, the truck drivers who are real workers and bring on the nations and the entire EU with their work must be helped not impeded, insulted and told to "change job" by a bitch who thinks she can insult the workers because "she helps the poor". Tourism is damaged, commerce is damaged, a school-bus of british kids gone on holiday in Italy got damaged and the children scared: this is third world. Tell the marxists to calm down and incriminate Soros and United Against fascism etc. If the press gives a hand instead of calling the white nazi, the black self haters the jews egoists because they want also security and order and this mess sorted out it would be a good thing. All these people who tease the marxists in the end are the citizens and they/we have a right and the duty to ask politicians to sort this mess. The NGOs and the charity workers who did illegal things must be arrested together with their bosses like anyone else. We are citizens, we don't like the jungle we want civilization.
In the mess the marxists created there were rapes, trucks and buses assaulted, children scared foreigners laughing in front of the police because "Merkel invited them". The press and the media must tell the truth, all the truth until politicians are forced to make the law respected and Soros and the members of the Rothschild clan who are responsible for this chaos end up in jail.