Prayer against Freemasonry and against the invasion of Europe covered as Refugee Crisis.

Dear Readers, I want you to pray with me for getting rid of Freemasonry and all the people in our establishment who do not do our interests and particularly against the ones who opened the doors to foreign invaders and called it - lying - "refugee crisis", I don't want to trick you so I write the prayer, you have to watch the video and if you agree with what I ask God at the end you say "Amen" and Jesus will give us what we ask because He promised so and He is no liar. If you pray in groups of two or more than two you know it is more powerful. The prayer is this:
Almighty God, You who are the God of Abraham, God of Isaac God of Jacob,
I/we pray You that You set us free from freemasonry and all the incarnations of the Antichrist,
that You make justice for us against our enemies and all the people who organized the invasion of Europe calling it "refugee crisis", we pray You that You make justice for us against these people because they lie and because they want to destroy us and because they are against Christianity,
we ask You that You allow us to live as christians at least in Europe and if You like it also in the USA and Canada and that our laws reflect Your laws and Your will and that children are respected,
we ask You all this in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord who's Your son and lives and reigns with You in the unity with the Holy Spirit,
This is the video of the live prayer, remember that to declaim the prayer aloud and in group of at least two makes it powerful;