Rasmussen and the other Right Wing Politicians must stick to their Guns and block the EU because at the EU they are guilty for the invasion.

This is a commentary on the previous article, the translation of Maurizio Blondet's. So, the traitors, now we know who they are, this means Rasmussen, the swedish government and all the people who want order and justice in Europe must talk frankly to the EU commissioners and tell them that we cannot tolerate this double game of letting people in and pretending to want to stop the crisis and that we are so fed up that for us the entire EU construct is very near to be over.
In Germany the rape cases issue has been discussed openly after the first attacks: we cannot tolerate to share our society with people who do not respect women culturally, we haven't got really all these duties towards the rest of the world and don't like the solution of shutting up. Let's be clear about it, not everybody can live in a feminist society, as Our Lord Jesus Christ said "Don't throw pearls to pigs, so the pigs don't put them under their feet and ruin them". Independence of women is a cultural pearl only kind men can live with: sexual freedom is women's sexual freedom, it is based on the concept that it's the woman that chooses, because the man would just choose too often and the woman would feel abused, it is a sophistication some people can handle some other people if they cannot or don't want to accept it they must be expelled. If a man is not chosen or accepted after a delicate form of advance he has to stop trying. It's not the freedom of men to have sex when they like with the women they like, it is basically the reverse. The sexist jokes at the pub don't really hurt and personally unless they get very vulgar I don't mind, sometimes they're even funny, but being touched against one's will is already unacceptable, these refugees and uncontrolled immigrants think they've come to the paradise of freedom for themselves and not for women, they cannot be allowed in our society because they would ruin it, thanks to them there isn't any anymore.
The leftists have betrayed us, they decided without consulting us, now
Lars Løkke Rasmussen
ARKIVFOTO 2011 af statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen
Rasmussen must defend us all and state that either we can expel the unwanted and not allow in all these people or each country will step out for security and dignity reason and that it is immoral that the leftists thought they could decide for us all to sell Europe to foreigners and that we know not just believe but we know the names of the people who organized this: Rothschild, Soros, Lord Mandelson, Romano Prodi etc. and that we do not want to share political power with such traitors and liars. Rasmussen and Thulesen Dahl are not alone, there is a growing feeling of people who would support anyone who can solve the problems, from Southern Italy where I write, up to Sweden where there's the swedish surveyor everybody is ready to back every european politician defending the dignity, the truth, the history of Europe. I have UK readers who would vote Orban, Italians who say "the danes are doing right"  if we form an International Right Wingers' Club any supported politician would over-throw any contender, no matter if Rothschild or Soros would back him. Now it's time for Rasmussen to defend us all, tomorrow it may be Thulesen Dahl, another day Marine LePen, people are sick of the leftists who want to see us humiliated under the foreigners, people are sick to death of Libèration scandalously owned by an israeli resident in Tel Aviv judging Le Pen as "The real enemy". No, you are the real enemy, why don't you tell Netanyahu to take the immigrants and weaken the army and become multicultural instead of telling us?
Tomorrow we found really the "International Right Wingers's Club" and f**k you all. We take over again. Don't you mess up with us, you know we're bad, you told us.