Rhodes will stay, Denmark, Sweden and Holland are doing right and Switzerland must be careful, very careful about the snakes it allowed in its breast.

Rhodes will stay, plaque and statue, and that's the right thing, the raving Left mustn't command on anything. Maybe, luckily, the "maoist" professor who wanted to remove the statue will be removed herself, and that must be done as well, you don't go to Oxford to dumb down the students with "mental trips" about race and gender while deleting real history: they have already destroyed many american universities with this method, to try to dumb down Oxford's curriculum and remove statues from the architecture is a damage to the University and it is not what a provost os supposed to do.
But now let's move on, first of all I have to be positive, I want to pay compliments to people who do the right thing, we cannot be negative only because we're bloggers. Denmark has always being doing right while Switzerland is threatened by the banksters it lets in Davos, and it's threatened in its core, the banksters pay "artists and intellectuals" as usual to tell the swiss government to hand out money, the equivalent of £1700 per month to everybody, whether they work or not, they also had a poll - imbecile who believes it - that shows that the swiss would work the same (???). I have a better idea, pay less the people who work and more the people who don't, I am sure Soros and Nat Rothschild will provide a poll that says the swiss would work the same. Soros and Rothschild are trying to do

to the tough swiss citizens who do, among few in Europe, the compulsory military service and work, what Rothschild through Lord Mandelson and Tony Blair did to the Britons, transforming them into the larve of themselves with state's handouts, piggy sexual education, promotion of drugs and alcohol, end of compulsory military service, so they could destroy them, while handing out money - state money - for nothing, they could make them accept the unacceptable Blair's immigration policy that has almost, but not yet by luck, put the anglo-saxon in a position of weakness in front of the foreigners. This is what you get when you accept among your residents such people as Nat Rothschild, Carlo De Benedetti - the one who's destroying Italy - and host Davos piggy bankers. Now they try to destroy you the way they tried with Italy and Britain and do you know why? They want the swiss gold to go to Israel, their bank and their fortress. But before doing it they should weaken the swiss. Fuck them off.
My compliments also to the dutch and the swedish government for doing the repatriations, after not causing the immigration crisis now they are paying for the repatriation, also France must do it with the Calais migrants 'cause these guys have no right whatsoever to move to Britain, do like Sweden and Holland and fly them home, they have nothing of the refugees they just want to emigrate to Britain: this is attempt of illegal immigration it is not fleeing a war. Moreover, all the european leftists who break the laws in Calais must be arrested by the french government, we arrested them in the seventies when they wanted to do the revolution against the "criminal capitalist fascist state" now we arrest them for wanting to break down with no authority whatsoever the boundary lines among countries that want to keep them.
But this is not enough: freemasonry must be eradicated with the whole bulb.
No matter if there are popes, royals, rich people in the middle. They have planned the end of our civilization, we mustn't leave anything of them, if we left a seed they would regenerate and we mustn't run the risk.