Soros from the Fortress of Davos tells us to do without guns and take refugees. How dares he? Goldman Sachs gives millions to the anti-Brexit dudes.

If you look at the place they chose to gather, in Switzerland which is outside the eurozone and outside the EU, where people, all, have gun permits and they, the financial and political scum, I refuse to call elite, are inside a fortress,
A member of Swiss special police forces stands on the roof of the Congress Center in Davos
super-guarded with police officers, snipers etc. and no one can enter without controlled pass, well, these people, from such a place dare and tell us to be "open" and take refugees/clandestine immigrants ah! and that we should do without guns, they don't use them in fact, it's their bodyguards and the military who use them in their place, war rifles not just handguns as you can see from the beautiful fotograph from Davos. If we can we must do a revolt against these people that they can never forget. Soros talks bla bla about taking immigrants, limitless, Goldman Sachs the current jewish banking giant (another) gives millions to the anti-Brexit dudes 'cause they want to save the EU against Britain. What do we do? They corrupt the politicians to do the opposite of our interests and the more they tell you to stay in the EU the more they hide in Switzerland. This post is brief, basically they make me vomit. As for the jewish conspiracy, Lord Mandelson, the one who's trafficking more against Brexit and to open the doors to the immigrants is a jew too. What the hell do they want?