Special Editor's Videocast for Koeln's Attacks: Soros must be put on a trial, Katie Hopkins Vs Katie Price and Renzi's and Merkel's faults.

Due to the Koeln's attacks on women I did a video special focused on three main issues:
  1. The press reaction to Koeln's attacks, the daily Mail publishes Katie Hopkins and Nazir Afzal's opinions; the difference between Katie Hokins and Katie Price.
  2. George Soros is breaking the immigration law himself and he's paying other people to break the immigration laws all across the world, he must be incriminated and arrested for this and for creating chaos on purpose.
  3. Marco Pannella, an insider of high masonic ambients, said high financial ambients have condemned the West, italians and germans for the holocaust and for racism and colonialism the others.

In this video special I argue that it can be necessary to vote for the so called far right wing parties. Even if you never thought anything of the kind in the past. They are making it a matter of survival for Matteo Renzi, Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsipras are behaving like open border extremists not at all like moderates. While some center-right politicians like Sarko and Cameron may solve the problems themselves, then to vote "Far Right" may be avoided.