From Sweden, the false motherland of feminism, the place where they stripped of the crown the legitimate Heir to the Throne of Sweden Prince Carl Philip to give it to his elder sister, only to be able to boast about being feminists and defenders of equality, now they do protect the rapists because they are “moroccan” or “refugees”. The link is in swedish, but I give you the same, then come back here and “let’s have a talk” about how feminists they are in Sweden really.polis-sweden
For the left, the masons, the problem now is the Police talking too much – they are like a mafia – they deny and don’t want to confront reality, they want to say that:
  1. Right wingers lie and invent or swell the data about the rape crimes perpetrated by muslim immigrants.
  2. People who vote Right wing are just racists, they don’t do it for security reasons.
Since reality bites and since confronted with the data they must surrender that all this new wave of rapes is a cultural heritage from Arabia with love, what do they do? Get angry with muslim culture? No, they got it against the Police that “talks too much”, the Police simply shouldn’t say that the rapists who attacked the girls at the We Are Sthlm concert were all refugees and middle eastern or northern africans, the rapes are there because the white rape as much as the black the whole thing is not related to Islam. Sweden Democrats lie and if they don’t it’s the same, Sweden is feminist, can’t you see there’s a princess who’s Crown Princess we even stripped the legitimate Heir to the Throne of the Crown to show everybody how feminists we are, our beloved Queen is every year to be seen at the Bilderberg group, we are therefore obliged…towards the swedish citizens? No, towards freemasonry that organized together with our beloved queen the Bilderberg meeting. And the girls who are groped and raped by the muslim gangs? The gang is there but it’s not muslim, it’s maybe black maybe white boys, it must be lutherans, they are wicked since they are racists they may be the rapists as well. Maybe it’s Stefan Loeven or not, better it must be Jimmie Akesson, that fits more the lefty agenda, it’s the Sweden Democrats who pretend to be arabs and rape.
As long as the Police says it, the swedish scandinavian males, around 45% of the population, perpetrated 13% of the rapes, the remnant 87% of the rapes was perpetrated by muslim males, who are “only” 5% of the population.
So, 5% of the population perpetrated the 87% of the rapes – the muslim males.
45% of the population perpetrated 13% of the rapes – the ethnically scandinavian males.
Not only, the gang rapes, are entirely perpetrated by muslims.
Not only, in Oslo, Norway, 100% of the rapes perpetrated in the last year were perpetrated by asylum seekers or foreigners.
This explains why in muslim countries women wear the burqa, stay at home and are “less bold” than western women.
The solution of the Left is to mix the numbers, so people cannot relate the dramatic increase in the numbers of rapes to their immigration policy and moreover they accuse the sweden democrats of exaggerating the data and their voters of being nasty people who invent false stories about the immigrants. The same “solution” invented by Laura Boldrini in Italy, all this after coldly prohibiting the police to tell the truth. People will vote Sweden Democrats and Right wing politicians all across Europe thinking they are heroes and good guys while the leftists are dirty vile masons who hide the truth (which they are really).
But why all this hiding the numbers? Which is their real aim? The only explanation given till now is that this is a punishment for racism decided in high masonic ambients, that they know this happens and that they want this to happen to make the white experience the genocide and the humiliation the black and the jews had to experience in the past. Obviously all at women’s expenses.
They can give back the Crown to Prince Carl.PrinceCarlPhilip
For what it counts, since also some members of the swedish royal family, namely the King, are rumoured to participate to  high paedophile ring, like the british.
I would like to really know what they do at the Bilderberg.