The EU and the leftists deny the truth. Feminist says Cologne sex attacks "always happened" which is untrue. While Economists boost Brexit.

Barking Labour feminist claims Cologne sex attacks "always happened in Birmingham": it's untrue, but this is the way, this is "what" they do, to lie and to try and threaten the ones who tell the truth and this is why we must go on tough telling the truth as it is because they must lose totally any form of influence and power on society. EU commissioners? the same, they want to go on taking refugees/immigrants and they simply say sex attacks have got nothing to do with the massive unchecked importation of young men from Middle East and Africa: remember, they, the leftists, the Labour Party did it disgustingly also with Rotherham sex abuse until the phenomenon grew massive, it is reported their main issue was to cancel the word "pakistani" from the police report. Soros, the jewish bankers and "christian" masons, don't forget "our" representatives in all this, who organized this hate us, they are involved in high paedophile rings if there are rapes they don't care. We do.
We must eradicate freemasonry with the whole bulb.
In all this lies we have found two entities that told the truth, Barclays admits Brexit would transform Britain in a safe haven from the EU massacre game that began last year, the non controlled refugee crisis, Greece's collapse, Renzi and Merkel playing the good samaritans at the state's expenses and the bill to pay for helping, bailing out, rescuing etc. handed to Downing street; they, the Barclays people admitted that yes, it would be the EU to lose weight not Britain and the same EU would probably disintegrate in six months; while from the columns of the Economist, the english Rothschild newspaper, Mr. Cunning talks about Brexit as a new economic renaissance for Britain, you bet it is a renaissance without all those burdens on the british back. At this point,  you would think that whatever request Cameron does for the fantomatic renegotiations, in Brussels they tell him "yes, ok", no, they treat him like he's the beggar and they have got the power, they who are about to fall, I don't know anymore what to think about them. They say that Juncker drinks, I quite believe it, but the others?
In Sweden the angry men took revenge of the infamous stabbing of the social worker who was in the asylum centre and the EU looks for excuses to take more migrants, in the aegean sea there are other drowned people and they, Juncker Renzi and Co. go on saying they pick up people, they save lives, they do not want to revert the open doors policy so in fact creating the so called "pull-factor" if they repatriated people from Kos to Turkey, after seeing a couple of repatriations no one would try again and would ask permission to the turkish embassies of the various countries to check if they fit for the status of war refugee or not.
This EU simply deserves to shut down. Let Renzi and Juncker talk alone and adjust your things if you go after them you become like them.