The masons, the bankers and the lefty moralists; three reasons why it is better to exit the EU.

I'm feeling fed up, the masons, the bankers and the lefty moralists, who are tied to one another in a chain of command, just don't want the EU to work properly, they are obsessive with the Kalergi Plan of filling Europe with non white people and this is really astonishingly the cause of the immigration crisis, the lefty moralists criticize Denmark for applying to the asylum seekers the same rules they apply to the danes, Greece doesn't want to be "martyrized" again, but it's the greek's fault and obsession to enter the EU while not fitting in any real economic EU plan: they lied on their economy, lie, they gave false information, even Goldman Sachs managed to lose its reputation thanks to the Greek, the greek economy didn't fit, the Goldman Sachs people who guaranteed it did fit either they are an overrated bunch of mediocre bookkeepers who couldn't hold the account of a small family shop or the greek gave false data and that's one. They lied to enter a eurozone that destroyed them and weakened and ruined the reputation of the rest of the EU, now they claim not to be able to send back to Turkey the immigrants who reach Kos, because it's in their opinion against the values, but we all know that if they were a nation they would do it and they could do it because in Turkey there isn't any war; the greek they want to lie, to try and cheat and when it goes wrong play the victims, Greece shouldn't have entered the eurozone, then should have exited it, now it plays with immigrants and sends them to the rest of Europe, worse than this there is only Angela Merkel in Germany. May I ask just one thing? If Greece were a nation, an independent one, would it be so reluctant in sending back the first boat of migrants from Kos to Turkey? No, it plays the big human nation only because they think the immigrants will flow to central Europe and this is vile, like Renzi.
If I were in the danes and in the dutch or Finns I'd seriously think about exiting the EU, from Britain they give the news that the EU asks money to them for the italian unemployed, the italian television doesn't say it, it goes on talking about the "good" results of Renzi's policies and criticizing the danes, it's disgusting. Exit. After Brexit in June, Denmark may exit by Christmas and it will be real liberation, after that also the other countries who still believe you are not there to trick the others trying to impose the kalergy plan and pretend it is normal that two countries Italy and Greece behave like giant human smugglers and moreover pretend they can't help it, when you know that were they independent they would just not pick up all these people or rescuing one boat and turn it back to Africa or Turkey.
Tuscany is the land where there is the cradle on italian freemasonry and of the reds who want more immigrants, Renzi and Miss Boschi come from there, but they send the immigrants in the regions of Italy ruled by right wing regional and local councils and keep "safe" the places where there are the reds and the masons; since Italy is not the dustbin of Tuscany they must send all these immigrants there, near the property of the "Marquese" Frescobaldi, since it's there that they continuously plot against right wingers, or they should build the hotspot at the Mugello where there are the reds and "antifascist" activists who insult everybody who doesn't want mass immigration. But Renzi is quite vile, he knows he would just manage to lose votes there and keeps his own area quite safe, the hotspots they want to build them elsewhere in the right wing regions. And this disgusts me, they must build the hotspots in a piece of land just adherent the Frescobaldi property in Tuscany so the immigrants disturb them when they do the black masonic rituals and in the Mugello, so finally also Tuscany and Emilia Romagna will turn right wing and we got rid of them.
I strongly suggest the other countries to exit the EU, in less than one year, with Brexit in June and Denmark outside, free by Christmas, they may build relationship only for trade and regular movements, with the other nations that still behave properly like Australia etc. No masons no banisters and no lefty moralists who can only damage society and then beg money from the tough countries that try to make the rules be respected. Good by Juncker.