The supposed "fair share" of migrants each country should take is an idiocy; people who did this chaos must pay for it, the others mustn't go after them.

Is someone else out there terribly irritated by the expression "fair share" of migrants that accordingly to Soros, Juncker and Renzi each country should take? I suppose there are millions. There's no fair share of anything, there are masons and globalists who managed, breaking every law about immigration, starting with Dublin, to bring all this foreigners here and now the others, who are innocent, should take a supposedly "fair share" of immigrants. Arrest Soros and send the immigrants back, Soros and "fair" have nothing to do with one another. What Soros, the share of immigrants have to do with is the bail-in and bail-out of the banks, and I explain to you why.
The bankers close themselves in a room, take a drastic decision without asking anyone's opinion, then there is a crack, a crisis, when there is the crisis they ask politicians to take their "fair share" of responsibility which is inexistent because to "share" responsibility you should also share decision-power, the decision power and the responsibility belong to the same persons: if you weren't there when they decided, you haven't got right any, zero, responsibility, but the bankers obtained, and this must be changed, either the bail-in which means that the accountants have to pay for the steering group's mistakes making it dangerous to keep the money in a bank, or the bail-out which is even worse, all society should pay for the bankers' mistakes, the only ones who shouldn't pay with these systems are the guilty ones, the ones who did the mistakes. Now they, Soros and the banking corporations's owned EU would tremendously like to apply this anti-morality to the refugee crisis: they, Soros, Juncker, Renzi, basically high level bankers and their masonic lackeys decided coldly not to attend the Dublin Treaty, to break the current immigration and asylum seeking's laws, but now call on for the others to pay the bill and take the supposedly "fair share" to pay obviously, like the banking bail-in or bail-out, not the fair share of decision-making power.
Morally, if they don't invite you when they decide they cannot and mustn't be allowed to impose to you any "share" of responsibility, it is a responsibility that doesn't exist. That strange Lady (so to say) of Angela Merkel calls the refugees to go on foot to Frankfurt, the others, french, belgians, even scandinavians told her not to do it , but she decided alone, only now, after deciding alone, wants to share the thugs she calls refugees with the others who mustn't take them. She was alone when she decided and now she alone paying for the mistakes she did.
We are already in the year 2016 after Christ not before Christ if Ms. Merkel wants refugees she can go and take them in Turkey and then fly them from Istanbul to Frankfurt, the very idea that the toughest and youngest and males have to go swimming and rioting till Frankfurt to get nothing in the end is an incitement to clandestine immigration that moreover leaves the most vulnerable behind. Amnesty International lies to the english government because it's just another communist globalist association that must disappear or lose entirely power of influence. The british government in its decision is more serious.
There's no fair share of anything, Merkel, Soros, Rothschild, Juncker, Renzi and Co. are personally responsible of having broken all the immigration laws, of having filled Europe with thugs selling them as war refugees, they decided alone and now they pay alone. And they pay with the rupture of Schengen, which is what they deserve for attempting to transform Europe into  a communist third world country, with Brexit that will annihilate the entire EU construction and maybe with the end of the single currency because after Brexit the eurozone will be poor. So they learn; if there is something we can't stand it's when they try to put us "back at the wall". To share responsibility you must share also decision power, so stop with this "fair share" of migrants unbearable thing. And enjoy Brexit.