The Windsors are losing psychological power: Queen Victoria's statue vandalized and God Save the Queen to be dropped.

The invisible power of the Windsor is dropping; there are two cases of blatant irreverence towards them: the vandalization of the statue of Queen Victoria, both casual and organized or justified with artistic feminism, and the proposal of changing the english national anthem keeping God Save the Queen only for Britain.
Certainly Charles' scandalous friendships with Jimmy Savile and other high ranking paedophiles, like the bishop with whom he used to "pray" together with Savile don't help. A nephew of the Queen, the son of princess Ann was accused publicly, but not condemned of having raped a boy in Buckingham Palace during a fest/orgy. Still William and Henry look clean, but I'm not sure it's only about Charles.
Queen Elizabeth has been complimented very much for her being almost perfect and never put a wrong foot etc. Many patriots in England complain instead that during her long reign, after winning the WWII in reality Britain saw diminishing drastically its power: Queen Elizabeth signs away powers, even her own royal powers, till the point that nothing probably will be left to William, anytime she speaks she speaks in favour of the globalists, the EU, gay weddings. She surrounded herself with very vicious people, Savile, the paedophile bishop, Lady Gaga, at her garden parties, there are literally strip teasers, like Dita Von Teese, actors, models who made a career flaunting naked breasts, what cannot be found possibly at her garden parties is the english or british patriots. Jerry Adams and Lady gaga are received in Windsor Castle, drug addict models every pig and dog in the country, but ... They didn't invite right wingers not even by mistake. The saudi Arabian are invited, Right wingers aren't. It's the people who do the military service, the ones who fought against the islamification of the country that are excluded, mobbed, even arrested, and these people could still give something to Britain, that the muslims the leftists, the gays don't. She dropped them and they are dropping her slowly, but  inevitably.
When people like Tommy Robinson or Nick Griffin are treated like the enemies while the muslim integralists can build up sharia courts in Britain there's a problem: it's the first son substituted by the second son, deprived of his rights of primogeniture, the anglo-saxons are treated like they count zero, the ones who gave their blood to the army, the ones who would in the end defend her. She deserves it. It would have been enough to invite a nationalist politician even only one to a garden party and give a honour for a charity of theirs to help the veterans but she didn't. People would understand they "can" vote Right wing and are not outcast, she didn't. I don't know how many muslims will die for her instead of dying for Islam, it just doesn't work like this, the veterans are treated badly as soon as they come back "home" they are insulted and arrested and put on a trial because they killed "illegally" after being sent to a hell war by politicians and Her Majesty who pretend not to know them when they come back, they are treated like they are the enemy, the muslims behave as if they could use british nationality for the money benefits, but then all allegiance is to "Islam" everybody can see it you don't need to be a professor in contemporary history. Keep your lefty and your arab friends and Jerry Adams, he will defend you for sure, in your garden Elizabeth, maybe the Britons will build Jerusalem without you.

If I were a Queen I wouldn't certainly participate to the annihilation of the part of the population that's more loyal to me does the military and accepts female monarchs, anyway, it wouldn't make very much sense, you just cannot have all this by the muslims, look at their sharia tribunals and imagine what they think about a female monarch or about "our values" (whatever they are).