The woman who's ruining Matteo Renzi.

Conferenza stampa al termine del Consiglio dei Ministri
Matteo Renzi and Maria Elena Boschi
Since everybody in Florence knows it, since Matteo Renzi saved the bank of the father of Miss Boschi allowing the same bank to take the money of the small investors, tricked the argentinian way by the bank that sold them pure rubbish saying it was a safe investment with very low level of risk, since an italian tricked by the bank saved by Renzi committed suicide for remaining pennyless, it would be about time to get rid of Boschi, and Renzi too.
She looks like this

I understand Renzi, but it doesn't mean we italians have got to be destroyed, Craxi kept his lovers in a hotel, didn't give them ministries. Why there hasn't been any impeachment yet? Because Silvio Berlusconi who also had the habit to name ministers his lovers, helped Renzi against his own coalition partners "I don't judge you, you don't judge me and we f**k the italians all together" more or less this is what Berlusconi and Renzi are doing.
Being a woman who doesn't want to go in bed with the boss to make career I am very displeased that this brothel in Parliament doesn't end, moreover I also kept myself from writing this kind of article until the Banca Etruria scandal, then I searched for a bit of articles and yes, it's true, Boschi was the lover of Renzi, she's even faithful, like Claretta Petacci with Benito Mussolini, and Renzi gave her the Ministry, she signed the Reformation of the Constitution (sic) and voted to save at the savers's expenses her father's bank, the opposition, Lega Nord, Brothers of Italy and what's left of Forza Italia wanted the impeachment, for the conflict of interests, but Berlusconi ordered the Forza Italia MPs not to participate to the impeachment's vote, we don't know in change of what.

Renzi then tried to refund the small investors that had been ruined using a fund which brought the EU to open another infraction procedure against Italy and to the prohibition of the bail-out for all european banks, imposing the bail-in, but the tricked savers want the money back. Italian people don't trust the banks more than they may trust a snake, buy houses because are scared of keeping the money in bank and don't believe the bank clerks when they tell them the level of risk of an investment anymore.
The address of the meetings between these Bonnie&Clyde is Via Alfani, 8 - Florence, and there are photographs that Alfonso Signorini, director of the gossip journal Chi, the one that published Kate Middleton's breasts, does not want to make public, maybe because Berlusconi told him.