Valls dares and speak out the truth; The Germans rightly do like the Danes, but Rothschild's minions-Cameron- now even want to move war to Russia.

Something good is even going on. Manuel Valls dares and say we cannot take all these people, refugees or immigrants, not to have our societies destabilized and Angela Merkel must stop inviting them; from a man rumoured to be a mason I didn't expect that frankness, but so it is.
In Germany at least the normal people have obtained the suspension of Schengen, because Schengen is suspended and the fact that the EU commissioners say it isn't can mean only they're on drugs or go on lying out of bad habit, hopefully they'll stop and if they don't it'll be the same. Other than suspending Schengen they have started controlling that the immigrants are not hiding money before giving them taxpayers' funds in a period of crisis where the tax-money must be given only to the people who haven't got any other means to support themselves. Even this is not enough. The war on Syria and middle eastern countries must quite simply end, people must accept Assad is the President of Syria and Rothschild must give up pushing the politicians he moves to bomb arab countries. Now they are setting up a war against Russia and use the old story of Litvinenko, even if, I don't see why Cameron can really think to put the british army against Russia. Cameron must calm down or if the british youngsters refuse to serve in the army they are right. It's the third time they are sent to serve jewish Rothschild's interests in Africa and Asia. Gaddafi was removed because he wanted to set Africa free from Rothschild's monetary colonization, in Oxford the african students don't dare and speak about it, they are busy with Cecil Rhodes's statue, in fact he was removed for he wanted to create a gold based independent currency, that's the real deal and Cameron and Sarkozy did the Rothschild's minions and went to destroy him at british and english taxpayers' and soldiers' expenses. Same would be going with Assad's Syria if it weren't that Assad is still there and probably won't be removed. Now they even want to do it with Putin, but I can't see them winning, I don't even know why they really want to try. Stop it now before these "toffs" and their rich bankers-friends/masters reduce Europe in pieces again, they did it with the holocaust in the twenties and thirties financing all and I say all parties in the WWII: Hitler, Mussolini, the Allies and Stalin were all financed by the same bank, Rothschild through Kuhn, Loeb &Co. which is a monstruosity, they probably did it also to force the white european jews to move and colonize Israel which the majority of them didn't possibly want to do 'cause in Europe had a superior standard of living.
I hope Valls' view prevail and the wars in Middle East stop.
Valls, if nothing, had the guts to say that Australia, that has got a very wide coastline, is doing the right thing, in front of old Jabba the Hut-Soros who, hidden in his fortresses, where he cannot be reached and touched by anyone who doesn't pass very strict controls, tells the others to open the borders.
But the human rights of the court of Strasbourg must be scrapped anyway.