We must defend Switzerland and Denmark: the immigrants do have thousands of pounds; defeat the lies and the progressive stack.

Twelve thousand euros to reach Italy illegally from Africa, four thousand - each - to reach Kos from Bodrun, now even six thousand to be smuggled illegally dressed like fake waiters, from Calais to Dover. Why do these immigrants have all these money? After spending thousands of euros to be smuggled illegally across the world, then they want the money of the welfare state to hang on at other people's, the taxpayers' expenses. It is unforgivable. All the situation is paradoxical. But the leftists have always treated the welfare as if it were a magic spring of money: they despise people who work, earn and pay taxes because they consider them "bourgeois", from the Party of the Workers, they have become the party of the scroungers - and of the gangsters too, see the new Corbyn's cabinet that justify black gangsters in Tottenham against the Police -. The leftists are bringing in the wrong type of people and Denmark and Switzerland don't want to be squeezed, they are right, if the immigrants have valuables they must pay taxes like anyone else. I'm sickened hugely by Corbyn and his crowd of frustrated people, to use a black person to justify attacking the racist police is over, it doesn't work anymore, the gangster that the police killed in Tottenham had a gun and got shot for this reason, I believe lately some black people feel too entitled in Britain, in Oxford they think they can pull down statues, in the Parliament they defend criminals, which means they sympathize for the gangsters' mafia and this cannot be tolerated by any decent citizen. I believe Corbyn has really destroyed definitely the chances of the labour to govern anything, for the first time I also thought "ok, they are really unpresentable."
What does make lefty black people feel so entitled nowadays? They weren't anything of the kind till just a couple of years ago, Mandela joked about he and cecil Rhodes working together, he even did a photograph with the statue smiling and pointing the finger at "Cecil", the black immigrants in Italy wanted jobs, no money for their "human rights", did the queue to have their papers or passports renewed. Now people behave as if the law counted zero and the immigrants have become very antagonistic, they claim they have the "right" to have the asylum in the country they choose, they right to throw away food provided by the country they don't want to stay in, the "right" to pull down statues that remind them of a colonialist past...who told them they have such rights?JohnMcWorther
The answer is: The leftists, under the guide of the marxists under the direct guide of kabalarian rabbis who want the end of the white people because of the holocaust, like the Lubavitcher of New York, one for all Rabbi Ishmael Levitts, don't be fooled if they look poor, in reality they are spiritual guides of a lot of powerful people, from Sex&TheCity producer - a pig - to Neocons who break continuously the peace to have israeli "enemies" bombed, to eminent bankers; they decided to move the black against the white promoting and putting in front of the cameras angry black people who recriminate continuously against white males, if a black man of success refuses it, like Bill Cosby, they use their power to destroy him, if a black young man in career refuses it they do everything to have him sacked like John McWhorter - in the photograph - former Professor at Berkeley because he was black but opposed affirmative action, for fear that it would bring people not clever or enough prepared to occupy places at universities, the ones that cannot be sacked like black female professor at Vanderbilt Carol Swain have to endure insults and accusation of being "oreos" which means more or less false black - which doesn't mean anything anyway - Watch back the docu. Indocrinate U on youtube or buy the Cd. Now affirmative action means to give highly important scholarships or places at university to black, female and other minorities independently from the curriculum, they can be mediocre students and get the scholarship in the place of a clever or brilliant one, which caused the opposition of many professors, the white being called racist and the black sacked or being insulted with other words. Affirmative action descends directly from the lefty Progressive Stack a method to give marginalized groups more power places than they would get in a democratic meritocratic system; the actual progressive stack is reported to be this disgraceful:
  1. Muslims (sic) - 2) LGBT - 3) Other races than white - 4) Women.
Don't laugh, readers, you are normal, the leftists are not, they apply the above hierarchy as if it were the Ten Commandments, this is why they don't reason; between a woman and a man they give right to the woman, between a woman and a gay to the gay between a gay and a trans to the trans (sic) and finally, for no reason at all, between trans and muslims to the muslims that basically are destroying the categories the leftists put for some un-comprehensible reason below them. Why the muslims on top? Boh... who knows? ask them, even the muslims don't know it. The white straight males are the "big enemies to be destroyed" and the Jews? The Jews wrote it.
Why did the marxist jews under the guide of the kabalarian lubavitch rabbis write that thing? Because they want help to destroy the white male whom they identify entirely, as a category, with the nazi.
The women and the black and eventually also the gays who are not so antagonistic towards white straight males as a category are slowly removed from the positions of power they control, if a feminist says plainly muslim men are oppressive much more than the average white christian guy she is first warned, then told plainly feminism is against white blokes not against muslims, third if she insists they try to sack her and substitute her with another that will be accused of being an idiot by everybody for applying the progressive stack against any evidence of logic.
Going back to Denmark, Switzerland and the immigration crisis, it is evident that these clandestine and war refugees were full of money, because daily the price-list for being smuggled is published by the press, we reached the point that the ones who have come here had at least €12.000 in the pocket, but want the welfare state's money and are informed about how to trick it by the leftists who help them being smuggled from african and turkish coasts till Calais  and Athens etc. once a refugee is in a safe country he has no more rights to cross borders illegally, he must present himself to the authorities of that state and if he wants asylum in a third country he must - must not should - ask regularly through embassy, for example to the german embassy in Istanbul or the swedish embassy in Tunisi etc. it's the leftists, controlled by the marxist bankers Rothschilds, who help them breaking the immigration laws and try to force the journalists of the lefty media, who are rebelling anyway, to minimize the law-breaking, because they have to destroy the "white males" who still dominate Europe. The Danes and the Swiss must know it and at least "don't drop their pants" in front of them, if they had 12 thousand euros to pay the smugglers, they can also pay taxes, but that's not the point, they the immigrants are told by the leftists to destroy their documents to sell themselves as war refugees, the leftists who "teach" the immigrants to lie and cheat the laws must be arrested and their masters too. Jail, do you get it?

Marxist intellectual jews even reclaim their leading role in the multiculturalization of Europe against the european citizens' will, even predicting the resentment and antisemitism that this leading role will bring as a consequence - and they're right -. At the same time they are bitchy-shameless into reclaiming Israel only for the jews and exempt from multiculturalism. If you are ever tempted into not believing what I wrote youtube is full of marxist idiots talking plainly about it. Here's an example, Ms Barbara Spectre, from Sweden - poor Sweden, but what about sending her to Israel? - but you can find by yourself material about Ishmael Levitts and other lubavitcher rabbis, they speak english, they say it in english: they are between perverted and assholes, I don't understand why do they say it so plainly and feel safe, do they believe we really care so much about them?

So, now you know it, the "liberal" jews are bringing all these foreigners to Europe to destroy us while keeping Israel exclusively for themselves, the chain of the hierarchy is:
Lubavitcher Rabbis e.g. Ishmael Levitts
Rich bankers and financiers e.g. Soros and Rothschild (they put the money)
Marxist intellectuals and politician e.g. Barbara Spectre and Igniatiev, Peter Mandelson, David Miliband etc.
In the end there are also the non jewish masons as dogs at the leash. e.g. Blair, Obama, Prodi, Boldrini etc.

Even if not all jews participate to this project and there are christians involved through freemasonry, the people mentioned above are really organized jews who give shamelessly as an explanation that the white christians mustn't be materially in conditions of doing the holocaust again, so making them lose control of Europe or any other territory is in their opinion the only way to keep safe or to make "justice".