You mustn't feel personally guilty for the Holocaust: the banks that financed Mussolini and Hitler were never punished; why should you?

The Kuhn,Loeb & Co. of Manhattan is probably the dirtiest secrets's bank in the world; after merging with Lehman Brothers in 1977 became Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc. , now it is owned by Barclays, they could as well call it Monsters&Co. it would give a more precise impression of what it is. It is the bank that legally financed Benito Mussolini to restore the Italian fascist party when it went bankrupt because the "bad" italians like my grandfather if it is true that went also after Mussolini, it is also true that didn't give him a penny, for them the fascist party could disappear in debts, it also financed the revolution of Stalin (?) and we don't know why, since Mussolini was anticommunist and Stalin was the supercommunist; it is reported by honest historians that in the early years there were also italian jews and italian masons among the card-owners of the fascist party. Moreover the Kuhn, Loeb &Co. acted as the leading investment house for John D. Rockefeller whose Rockefeller Foundation financed Adolf Hitler, specifically the eugenics program.
Why weren't the Kuhn, Loeb & Co. chairman and directors and boarding group arrested for filo-nazism and filo-fascism? Because Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb were jews and so the main financiers of New York. What happened? To them nothing. To you they continuously tell you how evil your ancestors were and that you must pay shutting down christian Europe because "we" did the Holocaust and therefore we should disappear. There's no real attempt to punish the big guilty ones, the people who were "convinced" by Hitler's and Mussolini's propaganda may have not been saint Francis of Assisi, but if I have to pay, now, in 2016, after being born in 1976, for the sins of my ancestors, what about the descendants of Kuhn and Loeb, the whole Barclays people? Are they jews? It's not a problem of mine, they financed hugely the politicians who did the holocaust the same, without their money the propaganda machine would be feeble maybe Mussolini and Hitler should find a job to support themselves and the holocaust wouldn't certainly happen. I don't see why it's me who should pay. I don't pay anything, moreover the Manhattan "liberal" jews, the ones who always cry over themselves and sell themselves as friends of the poor, in reality go in bed with the bankers who financed the monstruosity of the holocaust and now dare and organize through the Ayn Rand Association and Soros' Open Society the immigration crisis "to punish" us christians because "we" or our ancestors did the holocaust, they can go and punish the Kuhn Loeb &Co./Lehemn/Barclays's steering group and Rockefeller and Rothschild. They are monstruous, aren't they?  It is high time someone make them shut up and make them pay for their deeds or "their ancestors's" deeds. We must get rid of them: they mustn't control our money, our politics or the media.