You were right: the "refugee" crisis is a war of invasion pulled by EU, UK Home Office and other Institutional Bodies. The Names of the Enemy Combatants.

Author: Maurizio Blondet.
Translation by Paola Distilo. 
In France it was noticed that the "spontaneous" gathering of immigrants at the Pas de Calais, from which they try to reach Great Britain under the railway Tunnel, is managed by an organization called No Border, of anarchist militants and social centers. There was a No Border group also in Ventimiglia, to organize the protests and the demonstrations, shaped also as occasional revolts and riots. On its website, the entity defines itself as "a european network of antiracist groups who work together against the exclusion and criminalization of the migrants  and free movement". This radical net of anarchists supports the abolition pure and simple of the borders, in an already meaningful convergence of views with the globalist strong powers and George Soros. It's an organization-not-organization - therefore "spontaneous" itself, informal, with the advantage for the ones who run it to remain anonymous - the big part of whose ranks is formed by young anarchists, sometimes minors, breaking with the families, often they themselves "nomads"; but framed by old exponents of the french extra-parliamentary Left.
The interesting fact is that this "spontaneous net" wasn't born yesterday, with the migrants' wave. It was created at least 15 years ago - much before the "refugee emergency", growing in the shape of "No Border Camps", tents and camps around Europe: at the polish border with ukraine, in Germany close to the polish border, in Sicily, in France. In 2002 they did a summer camp in Strasbourg, in 2010 in Brussels, in 2012 in Stockholm. A "camp" was set up also in Genoa  in the red-hot days of the G-8 where the Black Blok appeared to do the damages that we know. In these tent-camps, that last generally one week, the young "antifascists and antiracists" are indoctrinated in "discussion groups" and learn to create "new forms of resistance against the brutal and often assassin regime of the borders of Fortress Europe". Now, the organization of many "camps" requires organization and expenses; and reminds very nearly  the tactics and the training of those groups who organized the various "coloured revolutions" in the East, organizing the discontent of the public against the government in the mission, well compensated by the State Department, of "diffusing the democracy". The most famous and the oldest of these groups is the OTPOR (Resistance in serb), that contributed to overthrow Milosevic in Belgrade; today it is a NGO, and a rounding company of professionals of the agitation, who go teaching "non violent mob technics" where they are called. In Georgia they overthrew the old Shevarnadze to put in his place the well-known Shaakasvili; elements of the Otpor company have been in Bielorussia, Ukraine; in 2000, at the Hilton Hotel of Budapest, they listened to the seminars of the american colonel Robert Helvy about the methods of "non violent fight".

Anarchists for Soros

Has the No Border net similar inspirers? A brief enquiry shows that the big part of the logistic and promotional work is done by another organization, United Against Racism-Fascism-Nationalism,  which appears much more structured. And it's got a strange modus agendi.
In Calais, where the issue of the immigrants in France will become red-hot, for example, in 2009 is organized a No Border Camp and the United creates a local ad hoc entity, the Calais Migrant Solidarity (CMS), that settles itself in  in a long lasting way, and recruits and frames the anarchic/libertarian militants on site.  Link from the site
This CMS is sponsored, other than by the United, by a Unity Bank, a bank headquartered in New Jersey and quoted in Nasdaq. As for the United, it sponsors both "russian antifascists" and "antifascists" of all countries, it is connected and controls 5000 european base organizations, it organizes "antifascist weeks" and "against antisemitism" ; it promotes (pays?) Reflexes, that is Réseau d'étude, de formation et de lutte contre l'extreme-droite et la xénophobie, something that describes itself as "a radical antifascist movement": well, times ago Indymedia launched a polemic against Reflexes, accusing it of having "ties to police services" through, precisely, the United Against fascism.

Activists for Eurocracy

Wait, wait? The libertarian and alternative organization that struggles for pulling down the borders, would be colluded with police organizations? Well, yes. Among the sponsors of the United there are the UK Home Office and the dutch equivalent.
Not only. This well-deserving anarchic-antifascist group, that pulls down the borders and helps the migrants violate the legal boundary lines, is financed also by the European Commission Erasmus program, by the Council of Europe, by the World Council of the Churches, by european green and socialist parliamentary groups, by tens of european governmental very official institutions. But among the "private" (so to say) sponsors of the United that throws militants against the european frontiers and the governments who defend them, could they be lacking the Rothschild Foundation and the Jewish Humanitarian Fund? Even less it could be lacking the Open Society Foundation by the jewish hungarian billionaire George Soros, the one who was accused by the magyar premier Victor Orban of being among the organizers of the migratory wave, like the other billionaires who "support everything that mines the National State". Which thing Soros does not deny at all. In the website of his Open Society (that handles 25 billion dollars for Soros purposes), it is advocated that each asylum claimant , no one excluded, become a refugee with the right of moving the way they like inside Schengen space (the ex-Schengen space Ed. note). Exactly what the no Border militants and activists want.
And apart from Soros. But that it is the Council of Europe, or better  the European Commission, to finance the No Border, that is the little crowds of anarchists anti-system who "struggle" sometimes with clandestine and violent actions for a radical program of pulling down the frontiers, is - if you wish even more enlightening. Technocracy and leftards united in the "struggles", base antiracist militants who work for the globalist billionaires and the Brussels eurocrats. One cannot do without evoking Spengler's sentence: the Left always does the game of the big capital, sometimes even without knowing it.
Here below a copy and paste list of the sponsors and financiers of the United:
« Since 1992 financial support was received from various sponsors such as : European Commission(General Budget/Socrates/Grundtvig/Youth in Action/Erasmus+/DG Employment Social Affairs/TACIS IBPP), Council of Europe (European Youth Foundation/European Youth Centres),OSCE-ODIHR, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, World Council of Churches, Olof Palmes MinnesFond, Cultural Council Sweden, Ministry of Education Slovenia, Green Group-, Socialist Group-, and GUE/NGL Group in the European Parliament, European Cultural Foundation, Stiftung West-Östliche Begegnung, Aktionsbündnis Gegen Gewalt, Rechtextremismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit Brandenburg, Home Office UKMinistry of Interior-BZK NLFederal Department of Foreign Affairs CHthe Matra Programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Instituto Português da Juventude, National Integration Office Sweden, Service Nationale de la Jeunesse Luxembourg, LNU – Norwegian Youth Council, Europees Platform Grundtvig, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Federal Social Insurance Office (Dep. for Youth Affairs) CH, Swiss Coordination Office of Youth for Europe, Federal Service for Combating Racism (Fund for Projects Against Racism) CH, Migros Kulturprozent CH, Comunidad de Madrid, Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, The Swedish National Board of Youth Affairs, Rothschild Foundation, Local Municipality of Budapest, Youth Board of Cyprus, Jewish Humanitarian Fund, Foundation Remembrance Responsibility and Future, Minority Rights Group Europe, OSCE – Mission to Skopje, Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Open Society Foundations, Children and Youth Development Fund Georgia, Final Frontiers Internet, Dijkman Print and others.
This website has been funded with support of the Council of Europe(European Youth Foundation), the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and the Open Society Foundations. »
The last sentence is un-repayable: "This website has been founded with support of the Council of Europe (European Youth Foundation), the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and the Open society Foundations". Here it is who pays the "antiracist rebels" who struggle for the immigrants.