Apple or FBI? Who's right in this war of controlling powers?

To know, to spy, to hack is about control. We live in a period where the most powerful people in the world are the Information Technology super experts. I don't know what security from them is, I just had to jump from an internet provider to another to avoid seeing my articles being cancelled in front of my eyes while clicking on the publish button. I had my father telling me he sent me an e-mail which I didn't receive, I had the stats. counter of a website blocked for days, I saw an article of mine displaying 2 visits and the number 2 became zero in front of my eyes. I thank God I can still write. We are in the hands of these technicians all of us, the FBI too.
I should be on the side of Apple, but what if they are protecting jihadis? I'm going to cancel an order from a provider because the e.mail of the firm didn't have encryption, so I lost confidence in their ability to deal with security issues, this means that yes, we customers lose confidence in a firm if they don't use encryption, an encryption that anyway with hotmail didn't protect me from hackers just the same. I hope the Gmail account to be superior, it's just a hope, I'm an editor not an Informatic Engineer. Is Tim Cook helping the jihadis? And why should he do it? Instinctively, by now I stand with Apple. But is it normal that Apple, a private company, can hack an i-phone and the FBI can't?