Greece is outside Schengen from today, Brenner passage between Italy and Austria shut down, while Iceland is outside the economic crisis (and outside the EU).

Greece is officially outside the Schengen zone from today until 2018 according to breaking news of, while the italian press reports that Austria has informed the italian PM Matteo Renzi that the passage between Italy and Austria, the famous Brenner, is actually shut down to prevent clandestine immigrants present in Italy to flood to Austria. There will be also a container where the immigrants will be checked, but once Austria has finished the number of asylum seekers's places, it will stop taking more.
Tsipras and Renzi are so punished for not controlling the external borders of the EU and not repatriating the illegals mixed with the eventual refugees. After even the Economist claimed the identification cannot and mustn't take place on european soil for it constitutes too strong a "pull factor" - what I called the "mermaids" in another article - for the illegal immigrants, now Renzi and Tsipras are outside the free movement area, hopefully they'll stop behaving like human smugglers and stop taking people with Frontex while starting to repatriate the illegals seriously.
On the other side, that small country, small nation that had the guts to arrest the bankers who caused the financial collapse in the country and send them to jail, without doing the bail out and doing the bail in from the upper part of the bank, which means they did not take the money of the accountants, they let the banks fail and arrested the guilty bankers and gave to the family and citizens the money of the arrested bankers not the other way round, well that small country that had the guts to exit the EU, that retired the request of EU admission in 2015, Iceland is outside the crisis with the unemployment level at 2% and all the debt due to the IMF entirely repaid. Brexit all the way. Outside the EU economies flourish, I'll take the time to translate a more detailed article on the subject by Maurizio Blondet, by now I give you the link to the italian original. This is the way economy moves really, outside the EU with your national currency you exit the crisis and your economy flourishes, inside the EU you crash down. Poor Greece, I talk a lot about Brexit, but in reality Grexit should be seen as an act of mercy.