Greece on fire and invaded and still Tsipras doesn’t want to exit the EU. Angela Merkel and Juncker take 1 million refugees from Turkey in “our” name without consulting other european leaders and so on…

I know I should campaign for Italy to exit the European Union, but as I know the real status of the italian situation, before italian freemasonry is moulded enough into accepting the exit of Italy I do need desperately the Brexit.
The Brexit can axe the monster and then the italian freemasons, who are tempted always to copy the britons will  probably do the Itaxit by themselves, since they like to be treated like the Golem of Prague, we’ll do the rabbi part. They’ll do it, but they’ll never find the courage if Britain doesn’t exit, and not if they know we run the risk of ending up like Greece.
In Greece there are clashes among citizens and police against the cruel austerity cuts and for the invasion of refugees, invasion decided by that whore of Angela Merkel who ruined them, Merkel ruined them and now the same cow Merkel, sorry but I’m angry with this whore I can’t be polite, I was saying the same cow of Angela told Erdogan “we europeans” take 1 million refugees per year, he can keep the three billions per year we give them just to block the others, as if she were the Kaiser of Europe who can decide in our place, and he Erdogan can send the refugees to Greece, then she blackmailed the Greek telling them to take the refugees, 1 million, identify them, the whole million, keep them in Greece, even if it's she who's calling them, and plus do the austerity cuts in change of a bit of bail-out money that won't solve the problem but will make the crisis continue slowly until the greek do whatever the Troika asks them, this is called in other terms torture: to keep a man alive so he suffers more and does whatever the torturer likes, actually this is killing the country, she is a sadist and moreover, who told her we europeans will take the million of refugees? – per year btw this is Soros’ plan as some of you will have noticed it – Juncker, as if Juncker and Merkel could decide in the name of charity and solidarity in the place of the european Prime Ministers and governments without consulting them.
I know what I’m asking: only Brexit can put an end to this nightmare, if the Britons are out by June I’ve got hope we italians are out by september or Christmas. And then we’ll apply, if God wants, the Icelandish solution, which is the best. If the Britons really want to help people: destroy the EU and save Greece and Italy from the local masons who anyway obey to the orders and are highly respectful of the Britons, maybe because in Britain Freemasonry is supposed to have been born. I know that the greek should have the guts to exit the EU by themselves, without Brexit but they’re not tough like the icelanders, they should. Also we italians should, but you know how it is in chess, you kill the king for the last, before killing the king and end the game you’ve got to do other moves, with Brexit we’ll be near the checkmate.
The greek are poor and I don’t want to end up like that: begging money from the EU in change of selling Italy to the banks, which is what they want and what they’re doing to Greece. I need Brexit. I don’t beg you money, dear Brits. I beg you Brexit. Italy can go back where it belongs: at the 5th place of the most industrialized and rich nations in the world, and to do that we need our national treasury/bank of Italy controlled currency and freedom of economic policies based on our needs. I don’t give a damn about the EU, neither do you, we must exit all, but Britain first due to the peculiar balance of powers, no one can stop you from going to Florence and selling the Digestives if you exit the EU and you know it. Let us not be ridiculous with the threats, you know it’s untrue you wouldn’t sell your products or would be blocked from going around and clever italians know it too. We are near the point of no return, which is the Greece’s, and the EU and ECB want it, which is the cruellest part of it all, and they want it to enslave us definitely  and dictate to us humiliating conditions of surrender the way Merkel and her bankers and Juncker are doing with the greek, I know they should exit, but now they are scared and the people who should lead them out, like Iceland, like e.g. Varoufakis talk to them about reforming the monster, but we haven’t got time and the monster knows it; while we talk about reforming it, the monster is eating us already. Maybe St. George will kill him.