Honestly I hold Tsipras, Frontex and co. totally responsible for the deads in the aegean and mediterranean sea. They are behaving like the mermaids.

I didn't know whether to write this article, but I wanted not to judge too much these leftists, but now I've been watching again the news, again there are drowned children in the aegean sea, and in the Med. we don't even know how many there are. What are they doing, these mermaids? They are calling the sailors with promises of pleasures until the sailors drown. The "real" mermaids of the greek mythology in fact were monsters that allured the sailors looking like naked women singing sensually on the rocks to induce the poor sailors go towards them and then the ones that didn't drown were killed. Why do they call these people? Do they really want war refugees? Can't they take them directly from Syria or Turkey or Tunisia? what the hell are they really doing? Do you know why they don't do the way I said? Because they want to take also the clandestine immigrants together with the refugees, if they had to check the entitlement to the status of refugee in Turkey or Tunisia they wouldn't be able to take them all, so they "call them", they entice them to try, and once they are in Greece they invented a law that says they can't be repatriated, which is untrue, under the current law they could all be brought back to Turkey, so the dream to reach Europe by boat would disappear and no one else would try again for the sake of being sent back to Turkey, they would spare the money and the risk.
I write this for the vulnerable, I believe Renzi, Tsipras, Merkel and all the Kalergy plan-masons are cruel monsters, because tonight I reached the point to believe they do it on purpose to call them, to entice them to induce them to try. If they want them, why don't they take them in Turkey? Like Britain? Because in Turkey they couldn't take the clandestine immigrants which is what they want, as monstruous as it is: this is what they want. It is impressive. Any moderately clever person must know that the only way to make them stop trying to cross the sea is to make their plan fail, that is to save them for sure, but to bring them back to Turkey or Tunisia and in Turkey and Tunisia identify them. They know it's like this and they must take the full responsibility of the drowned. Do you know who was this Coudenhove Kalergy? Useless to say he was another crazy jew, who had a japanese mother and an austrian father, he was obsessive that the european shouldn't be white anymore, to be mixed race in his opinion should become the norm, basically he was obsessive with himself. Only one big stain, this man who preached the mix of all cultures and races belonged to the B'Nai B'Rith the masonic lodge for jews only from which the non jews are excluded and that's considered one of the most powerful and controlling masonic lodges in the world, so we have the double standard for jews and non jews in freemasonry: the jews can belong to any masonic lobby, but the non jews are excluded from some of the most powerful. End of.