I hate RAI and BBC, we Right wingers mustn’t pay the tv licence fee because it’s entirely a politically lefty production.

This problem of the state owned/state funded television that pushes the lefty agenda and makes electoral campaign for the lefty parties must be solved, in Italy, Britain, Sweden we are forced to pay the tv licence fee, but right-wing citizens are not represented and often offended: we mustn’t pay the fee I don’t give a f**k about RAI or BBC I loathe them, despise them and don’t want to watch them, consequently I haven’t got to finance them:
In Italy there is the cheap, despicable Sanremo Festival where overrated singers sing basically common love and peace songs, and they are all, I say all, showing off support for the gay weddings while the italian parliament is legiferating about it.sanremo-gay
Do you know what it means? It means that the singers were imposed to support gay weddings if they wanted to participate to the music competition. The President of RAI, Monica Maggioni is a Bilderberger, like Rona Fairhead the BBC chairwoman, in Sweden the national state owned television insults the right wingers and tries to help the left, in Britain the BBC is blatantly against Brexit. I don’t care about television very much, modern people are much more influenced by internet than by television and its Sanremo festival with the bitchy models showing off breasts or vulgar butterfly tattoos near the pubis.  I don’t want to pay for it: they are cheap, vulgar and leftist.
I am against gay weddings, against the mass invasion of Europe by the immigrants/refugees and against sunday trading, apropos, do you know what RAI television did about sunday trading? They managed to find a guy who said he wanted to be free to work on sunday – which is untrue, the italian they barely accept to work on mondays, RAI lies on everything on behalf of freemasonry and on the left – I’m not interested in their programs, they must make a law that says that people who don’t want to watch the state television can have their channels encrypted, so we don’t watch them and we don’t pay them. For me the compulsory tv licence fee is like stealing money  from people who despise you and are disgusted by you. Fuck off bilderbergers.