Mark Rutte - Is he a hope for Europe? The young dutch Prime Minister seems very reasonable about the refugee/immigration crisis

Before saying good things about  politicians I am careful, but we must help people who do the right thing and even more in this situation which is near to a civil war between the westerners and the hardline muslims, worsened immensely by the refugee crisis which is in fact an invasion of clandestine immigrants many of whom non westernizable, which means muslims who cannot be westernized, who'll never become friendly to free women etc. Mark Rutte spoke the truth saying that the numbers of the so called refugees simply is too high. Listen to the dutch PM

It is clear that the Netherlands while not wanting to break up as a society through a massive invasion of non western immigrants, they also would like to keep a mini Europe safe from the italian and greek disaster. Schengen was interrupted also thanks to them and this is a security issue. Personally I don't believe the Dublin Treaty can be substituted by a better one, and as my readers know already I don't believe the greek and Renzi are not respecting it because it is too difficult, but because they are no-borders "fans". I think that the kind of safe Europe Rutte wants cannot be obtained with Italy being prevented by freemasonry to have a tough right wing government that can respect Dublin, since I'm very sad about it, but as an italian who voted for the centre right wing party, the coalition with Berlusconi, I saw the right wing government overthrown by the then President of the Republic, a communist mason, Mr Giorgio Napolitano, and then Mario Monti, an unelected mason put as Prime Minister in Berlusconi's place, I doubt whether Italy is a real democracy anymore since italian freemasonry impedes right wingers to govern when they win the elections by controlling also the Supreme Court, for the other europeans this means a permanent unelected freemasonry-controlled lefty no-border government which risks to flood Europe with african immigrants for the next twenty years, the only way to make this stop is to state that either Italy and Greece respect Dublin or they're out of the EU, otherwise they won't stop. Greece is economically failed and the greek shout and cry for the chaos the refugees produce, but Television tries to hide their problems while on internet you can see it, Greece is probably blackmailed as a country by the bankers that are all controlled by no-border masons, into taking in all these refugees, in fact this invasion from Greece started after the economic crisis. Rutte and the others may force the italian and the greek into respecting Dublin or leave the EU, the alternative is that they exit the EU themselves because without Dublin and no-borders government  in Italy and Greece Holland and the other states can only be invaded. The masons must accept that we italians are on average right wingers, we will vote Berlusconi again and they must accept it otherwise the italian republic will disappear.
If you want to see the real situation of the refugee crisis in Greece, Germany, Kos and Lesbos watch the video. I hope you're not watching television anymore or you watch it for what it is: an unimportant masonic attempt to destroy society. Probably the Britons will exit the EU and they'll do right, it is going to be a nightmare made in Soros.