Russia maybe will bomb Israel and no one will cry for it: Israel is behind the refugee crisis.

Two men are behind the refugee crisis, to gather with George Soros, and these two men are Carlo DeBenedetti and Edouard de Rothschild, these two men are israeli jews; while Soros and the other Rothschilds are jews without the israeli nationality, but finance Israel very much the same. Other than this, the damage, there is also the extra irritating detail that Israel, that does not take any refugee, creates new ones instead and doesn't even want the palestinians, is making money out of the refugee crisis its own bosses and donors created: Germany gives a contract for 600 millions euros to host the refugees in Germany not to a german chain of hotels, but to an israeli chain of hotels linked article here. I positively hate them. Do you know what it means? Among the rest? If the german state had given the contract to a german chain of hotels the money would remain in Germany, they would swift from the state to german citizens and german banks, they wouldn't move outside the country, like this, the money, the big part, fly away to Israel and Germany gets impoverished by the refugee crisis.
I strongly ask all the christians to not, to never join freemasonry because in freemasonry they ask you/ force you to do things that in the end favor the state of Israel, no matter how strange the taken decisions seem, they are not strange if you look at the upper part of the chain of command.
The problem with the Balfour Declaration is that probably it shouldn't have been written at all, the Britons damaged the world with that thing, the israelis accept only the part in their favor but reject the part in favor of the arabs, the Britons should scrap it and throw it in the dustbin.
But maybe we shall have a form of justice for this. I read the prophecy of a blind old lady on that says the Russia will bomb Israel. I'll be happy. Do you know why? I cannot forgive this crisis which is like transforming my country in a third world country. And how it will be that Russia bombs Israel?
Well, look at reality, Israel is playing the double game on any table, while pretending to be neutral on Assad and favorable to Russia, its lobby in Washington, London and Paris is trying to push our western armies against Assad and even against Putin, but they, the israelis, pretend to be friends with Putin. Putin keeps them for the last.