The very fact that Cameron talks about security problems for the UK if it leaves the EU means he’s got nothing for the negotiations: the EU is not the NATO and we know it, so what?

Cameron is left with nothing at all for the negotiations, this is why he talks about “security problems” for the UK outside the EU. That’s the NATO, Dave, you are not renegotiating the NATO membership, it’s Brussels, the bananas’s trade, the eurozone bail ins and outs, Britons know it, you who are prime Minister should know it too. Come on, it’s crystal clear he’s got nothing in his hands and he’s trying a bluff.
I like Cameron sometimes I find him funny, I think it’s not his fault, but to talk about the EU as if it had anything to do with the Defence sector… in reality the difference if Britain leaves would be more money in the UK budget also for the Defence sector, the Britons would have a lot of money more and they could do what they like. Obama can stay at home, to lie to the Britons about the necessity to stay in for security-related issues would only irritate them more because that’s blatantly a left-wing lie on behalf of the globalists at any price. Cameron must have given his word to do anything he can to keep Britain in the EU, but he has no deal and no perspective of getting one. The sooner the better, at this point, with Iceland flourished outside the EU, Greece on the brink of another crisis, the eastern countries that don’t want to change the benefits’s system, it’s not Cameron’s fault anyway if the situation is like this. Things started going very wrong when the Union was enlarged to 28 countries, not fit for staying in one single market with the same welfare state’s rules, they never had, by luck anything to do with our defence nor must they be allowed to touch the defence sector in any way in the future: we understood they cannot deal properly with economic issues - which was their "forte" - and let two countries fail and others on the brink of collapse, mind you letting them deal with the army. It doesn’t work and when things don’t work it’s useless to insist. Maybe secretly, he Cameron, hopes for Brexit too. Otherwise it’ll be a problem of his.